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Question W7 South Africa & W7 Sub Africa beams

I have seen on Eutelsat (, FlySat ( sites that there are 2x W7 beams covering Madagascar. The SA beam covers the whole of Madagascar where as the Sub Africa only the centre part of the country. I'm South African living and working in Madagascar. I live 280km south of Antananarivo (Tana) and wonder if i will be able to get the SA beam or is this info not correct on the websites mentioned above? Q: Are both KU beams or is one C band? If i buy a 2.4m dish will i be able to receive DSTV as several friends of mine in Tana needed to upgrade to 2.4m dish in Tana. DSTV wanted to install 1.8m dishes. Problem is the 1.8m dishes does not work well with any light rain. Maybe i must use the PAS10 C band? Which one will give the strongest signal
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DStv does not transmit on the W4 African beam, nor on the W7 South African beam, but only on the W7 Sub-Sahara Africa beam. (See and )
As you know this beam is on the KU band, and it's the only subscription beam you will have access to.
If you haven't already, you would need to subscribe via the Madagascar Multichoice as a resident to gain access to this beam's content ( ).

Unfortunately the true DStv South African beam, from IS7 ( ) only just covers some of the Northwest edge of Madigascar ( ).

The only other DStv related beam available (may be temporary) in Madagascar etc. would be the one you mention from IS10 (roughly same location as IS7) on C band, but this is not available for normal subscription and consists of limited channels for special usage.
(The original IS10 C band option was scrapped many months ago.)

A larger dish will always help improve signal reliability, but best to consult with an expert in your area.
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Further to my earlier post:

I've just checked a Madagascar map.
As you know you are unfortunately fairly far off the edge of the W7 Sub-Sahara African beam, but possibly close enough to just get the signal.
You would need to have a professional check for you with a signal strength meter before proceeding further.

Additional Note:
Satellites wobble, so being beyond the official footprint, if you do receive signals you may run the risk of having intermittent service. However there will be a 'safety' margin. Perhaps someone at MC or MCA here (or in Madagascar) can give you more certain info re this factor or for your area.
Good luck!

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