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Default Flashing Light


There is a flashing light on the front of my HD PVR. It is the same light that flashes when a button is pressed on the remote, but we're not pressing the remote.

On Sunday we thought it was because we were watching "delayed", and again last night as we were watching from a recording, but even when I switched back to live TV, still found that the light was flashing.

There were no programmes being recorded while we were watching live, so the decoder shouldn't have been busy with anything.

I thought perhaps there is some other signal in the room, but even if I cover various parts of the decoder (to try and stop these signals) the light still flashes.

Does anybody know what could cause this?

The software updates automatically every morning, so it should be up to date.

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Have you tried pulling out the remote batteries or removing the remote from the room ? Also a reboot might help.
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If you have xtraview setup then this flashing light is signalling when the xtraview heartbeat is being transmitted or received. It should happen every 30 seconds.
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Hi Andrew
Two quick questions before I send off the query. Which HD PVR do you have (UEC or Pace)? Also, can you please let us know the software version (press MENU, select Information Central, select Hardware status, press right arrow twice and check the value for Load Ver / Var on line 3).
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Welcome to the Forum,

(1) What does yopur install look like? Could you add these details to your signature, as it helps all to assist you with any issues you may have.
(2) Do you have XV activated? If so then the the light will flash approximately very 30 seconds, when a HB pulse is sent from the decoder to the secondary decoder
(3) There is only one other cause, is the reception from somewhere of interfering signals that look like remote command signals.
(4) Although the software setting is there, software updates are rare and are normally well advertised on the forum before they take place.
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