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Default Telenovela channel TeleMundo comes to Africa with DStv

• Exclusively dedicated to telenovelas, Telemundo brings dramatic storylines, exotic locations and glamorous personalities to Africa, under the tagline: “Feel the passion”
• From August 12 will reach DStv customers in 48 countries across the African continent
• Available in English and Portuguese, Telemundo is available exclusively to DStv customers

Johannesburg, June 25, 2013: The channel’s division of NBCUniversal International Television today announced the launch of Telemundo, the popular telenovela channel, in Africa. DStv customers across Africa will be the first ones to enjoy the channel and its passionate and dramatic telenovelas outside of Latin America. Launching on the DStv platform on channel 118 in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa on Monday, August 12, Telemundo will exclusively air telenovelas with the tag line: “Telemundo – Feel the Passion.”

“Telenovelas are an editorial and television force internationally and we are particularly excited to bring Telemundo to Africa exclusively with DStv,” says Colin McLeod, Managing Director Emerging Markets, Universal Networks International. “Together we believe we can help to drive multi-channel television to an even broader market - for those who traditionally only want to watch free TV, Telemundo will give them a great reason to want DStv.”

Telemundo in Africa will be dedicated to the most compelling Spanish language telenovelas, offering DStv customers a dramatic rollercoaster of romance, mystery, action and adventure for the whole family to enjoy. Telemundo will bring the world of exotic locations and glamorous personalities into African homes.

At launch, viewers can look forward to fascinating stories of love, success and betrayal with high quality production values in telenovelas including Aurora, Precious Rose, My Heart Beats for Lola and Behind Closed Doors.

“We are very excited to bring Telemundo to our DStv Access, Family, Compact and Premium customers, who will for the first time enjoy the best telenovelas available worldwide in English,” says Collins Khumalo, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa. “Our customers are already enjoying the entertainment on offer on the 5 Universal Networks International channels available on DStv. Telemundo is a great addition which further strengthens our partnership with Universal Networks International.”

Telemundo will be fully localised for the African market with full dubbing of Spanish-language programming in English for South African and Sub-Saharan countries, and full dubbing in Portuguese for Angola and Mozambique.

Telemundo becomes the fifth channel brand from Universal Networks International to launch in Africa, joining the recently refreshed channels – Universal Channel, E! Entertainment Television and The Style Network, Kidsco, and movies channel, Studio Universal. Further, NBCUniversal News Group also operates CNBC channels across the continent.
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Sounds interesting, we don't get to see much from that side of the world. More for the ladies though I think.

Gives me hope that other less major, or believed to be less major interests have a good chance of making it onto the platform.
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mmm this looks quite promising
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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
More for the ladies though I think.
Not this lady though

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Originally Posted by Eurica View Post
Not this lady though

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Not my type of channel, but I'm happy to see DStv adding more channels to make a variety of entertainment available for their subscribers.
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Originally Posted by Eurica View Post
Not this lady though
I think I’ll pass as well.

Seriously, did anybody ask for this?
We asked for anime, we asked for a sci-fi channel, someone even asked for a rock-n-roll channel.
What do we get? South American Soap operas.

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We've got to remember that we're a very select group of people on this forum, there are millions of others out there, and even more across Africa that are also involved. The African Magic channels are a classic example.

I see it as being a bit like bingo, every few numbers along comes one of ours.

And it takes ages to organise anything new.
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I get what you are saying Optimist, but let’s just compare telenovelas with anime for second.

We have anime on TV (small amounts, but still).
Anime DVDs are being sold in shops like Musica and Look & Listen.
A few years ago the Manga Force collection was sold in shops CNA.
And there are shops that sell nothing but anime and anime related goods.
(These aren’t charities, they are all profit driven businesses.)

It’s not just a few people on a forum, anime sci-fi and rock music all have big fan bases, telenovelas don’t even come close (maybe someday).
After all MCs justifications for scrapping Animax, for them to invest in a dedicated telenovela channel seems like a slap in the face for anime fans.
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Sure Bunny Jane, what you say makes sense, but there's a bigger picture.

We on this Forum tend to be westernised and live in the more major western-based sections of cities. MC have clearly spent the last few years developing a "new" market offering, one that is more cultural and traditional based for the majority of the African population along with other interests for smaller previously untailored for population groups.
A good move business-wise, who can blame a company for making the most of the realities that face them, and although MC is mostly S.A. based they must share most of their channels with their sister company MC Africa.

Then there's the economics; given our Rand's poor value it is going to be better for such a company to either buy access to cheaper channels that can pass as ok for some, or bundled packages where the suppliers then have more say.
And in all honesty, as MC is in a controlling position there is less need for them to meet public demands in some population sections. Considering how much more they could skimp I feel at least thankful that we do get as much as we do, it isn't half bad. Sometimes they even surprise us, so there is some interest in making their market more interesting and satisfying.

Also, from what I've seen we have a good offering compared to other countries. Of course not in regards to some specific areas of interest, but as an all-round package that includes things like some of the best general sport, series, movies, etc. available anywhere.

All we can do is try sell "our products" as effectively as we can, and hope it makes enough bigger-picture sense to the decision makers.
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