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Default primary and secondary decoders

I recently took a decoder to multichoice to check for a fault ( it turned out the power supply) The chap mentioned that my setup was not right . my primary is the 1131 ( with extraview) and the secondary is my pace hd pvr, and he said it should be the other way around. I've had it for 3 years . what is the advantage to change it ? can i do it remotely or does it involve rewiring ? ( all the cables behind my setup give me heartburn!)
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Its just a setting done on the DSTV systems, no re-wiring required

There is no right way or wrong way
The advantage of the way you have it is that you can take the 1131 on holiday easily, the disadvantage is that the HDPVR wont work & record shows while you're away. Also if the 1131 has a problem the HDPVR will stop working

If the HDPVR is your main decoder & you dont take the 1131 away then I would have the HDPVR as the primary, but if you dont have any issues with your setup then there's no real reason to change it
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thanks for that . I will leave well alone then! . I couldnt understand why I could not even watch recorded programs when the 1131 power supply was out , but now I know
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If it ain't broken and you are happy with your present setup, don't fix it.
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