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Default Updated Software for HD PVR's

MultiChoice is pleased to announce that we will be downloading software to HD PVRs

This will be a staggered download, commencing 14 February @01h00. The downloads should be complete by 20 February

SECTION 1 - General
1.What will be the new load versions?
PACE 4 Tuner L 71
PACE 2 Tuner L 36
UEC 4 Tuner L 65
UEC 2 Tuner L 9

Section 2
What fixes will be in the software
1.XtraView fixes
o Heart beat can be received now on both RF IN and RF out ports(excluding SD PVR)
o TV Link can be set up independent of communications port
oReduced E143 occurrence

2.PG fixes
o Sometimes events in the buffer are not blocked, as well as user recordings not blocked. These have now been addressed and PG settings should work as per set customer ratings

o Fixed loss of network settings after upgrade
o A/V was sometimes not available on certain services in a SMATV setup
o Loss of A/V on channels on the horizontal transport stream

4.Stability fixes
o These will address some random reboots (not all)
o State of stupor after standby / orange/ red circle (PACMAN)
o Coming out of an application (previously the box sometimes became sluggish)
o Previously SATCR and SMATV settings were (sometimes) not retained after a software download
o Previously there was a long delay waiting for a rescan, after resetting to factory defaults

Section 3 - What new features are in this release

o New Easy Front Panel Partial Flash Erase Procedure (PACE only)
Existing method is quite difficult to perform. However this has not been removed as it erases the complete Flash memory thus losing all settings and recordings.
The new method only erases the parts of Flash memory that could get corrupted that prevents the decoder from becoming operational.

o Reboot the decoder (either by removing power or by pressing and holding the Reset button on the front panel for 5 seconds).
o The front panel will display “d:L” then “1:0” (zero character is animated or spinning)
o As soon as the “1:0” display appears, immediately press and hold:
o On PACE 4 Tuner The GUIDE key
o On PACE 2 Tuner The TV/AUDIO key

Wait (approximately 35 secs) until the message “Erase Flash Files” appears on the front panel LED display and then release the key.
Note: The user has approximately 10 seconds to press and hold the Guide key from the moment the spinning Zero appears on the front panel.
Following the Flash Erase process, the decoder will restart, then rescan without the need for user intervention and operate as normal.

What will be deleted?
The customer will lose:
o All scheduled recordings including series recordings
o All reminders
o All favourites
o All service lists will be deleted so there will be a rescan at start up

What will be kept?
o All network settings including SMATV or SATCR installations
o All XtraView settings
o All PG settings
o All Personalise and Preference settings
o All items in the playlist
o All downloaded BoxOffice and DSTV OnDemand titles

Section 4 - What are the known issues on this software release
o After an upgrade all SMATV installations will experience black on air on horizontal channels. A rescan will resolve

Steps to rescan
Option 1:
• Press MENU to go to the Decoder Menu
• Select Advanced settings
• Enter 9949 (if the decoder does not accept 9949, please contact the MultiChoice Contact Centre and ask for the PG PIN to be reset)
• Select Network settings
• Press the BLUE Button to select the rescan option

Option 2:
• Press MENU to go to the Decoder Menu
• Select Information central
• Select Information Central
• Press I for more info
• Select option 3 for rescan
• Enter 9949 (if the decoder does not accept 9949, please contact the MultiChoice Contact Centre and ask for the PG PIN to be reset)

If a rescan does not resolve, please contact the installer via the body corporate, to check the network settings

Although SMATV installations are not recommended by MultiChoice, we recognize that some installers have chosen to provide these systems to our customers. There are many difficulties with these installations but MultiChoice will endeavour to assist our customers wherever possible to minimize any inconvenience. Unfortunately, with the latest software upgrades, customers who have SMATV installations may experience some problems

Other known issues
o After the upgrade time based recordings as well as scheduled recordings, are deleted from the scheduled recordings list (randomly seen on the PACE 2 Tuner). Please reschedule all recordings
o On playback of a recording the PG PIN locked popup is displayed, with black A/V in the background. A reboot will resolve
o Interfering sound while viewing LIVE TV may occur. Change the soundtrack from Family to English original
o After an upgrade BE1 may be displayed on the front panel of UEC PVR’s. (trouble shooting steps will be posted in the following thread)

As always your feedback and comments are welcome. When posting a query please advise your decoder model/ s. If you have 2 HD decoders advise if both have the same software

Post your comments in the following thread

MC Fathima

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