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Arrow Glossary and Channel Lists

Other posts below

* List of channels' websites - scroll allll the way down to post #3 OR click here (may open in a new window)

* List of decoders' error codes - see Comprehensive error code list (post # 15) in the Services forum section

* List of channels' frequencies & polarities / transponders - scroll allll the way down to post #2 OR click here (may open in a new window)

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Thanks for all the contributions.
Many funny ones have needed to be ignored , it is a practical industry related list, but as commonly used texting-type slang is appearing more frequently those were added.

This list will not be updated further.

Disclaimer: This list is not an official MC list but a list generated by Forumites in the spirit of sharing information.

An appeal to all Forumites - please avoid using swear words and the like, the more civil we are the more freedom MC will be able to grant us in the expressing of our issues.

2P - Two-tuner HD PVR made by Pace
2U - Two-tuner HD PVR made by UEC
4P - Four-tuner HD PVR made by Pace
4T - All older 4 tuner HD PVR decoders which allow for viewing one and recording two separate channels at the same time
4U - Four-tuner HD PVR made by UEC
AC - Alternating Current
AFAICT - As Far As I Can Tell
AFAICWO - As Far As I Can Work Out
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
AFAIR - As Far As I Remember
AFK - Away From Keyboard
AKA - Also Known As
Alignment - The process of fine tuning an antenna for maximum signal receiving capability, OR of fine tuning an electronic circuit for maximum sensitivity and performance
amp - amplifier
Analogue signals - Older, less efficient than digital method of delivering TV and other signals
Antenna - Generic term for the device that collects & focuses electromagnetic energy - in the case of a satellite system, normally (but not excusively) a Parabolic Offset Reflector
AnyNet+ - Samsung's Implementation of HDMI CEC
AR - Aspect Ratio mode, the selection or manipulation of Aspect Ratios, usually decoders have 5 options but some older models may still not have the true "Stretched" option
AR & ARC on old decoders - On some pre-DualView models Zoomed may still be called Stretched, and on the 1110 & 1131 ARC numbers are incorrectly ordered (ok in menu)
ARC - Aspect Ratio Control functionality lets a user adjust how TV content is displayed via remote control (may not be on older models), OR Audio Return Channel (HDMI 1.4)
ARC1 - Pillarbox (Pillar Box), 4:3 content is displayed on a 16:9 TV undistorted with vertical black bars on both sides of the screen
ARC2 - Zoomed (Zoom), 4:3 content is expanded in proportion to fill a 16:9 screen, picture loss occurs top and bottom
ARC3 - Stretched (Stretch), 4:3 content is stretched sideways to fill a 16:9 screen, horizontal distortion (short fat people) is the result
ARC4 - Letterbox (Letter Box), 16:9 content is displayed undistorted on a 4:3 screen with black bars top and bottom, filling the screen horizontally
ARC5 - Cropped ( Centre Cut), 16:9 content is displayed undistorted on a 4:3 screen filling the screen with content loss on both sides
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ASA(SA) - The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa
Aspect Ratio - The visual horizontal to vertical ratio (and pixel density) of TV content
atm - At The Moment
AV - Audio Visual
AWOL - Absent WithOut Leave
Azimuth (Angle) - The term used to describe the horizontal position of an antenna relative to True North
Band - Simply means a range of frequencies
Bandwidth - Range of Freq. given to service/channel, DOESN'T mean data rate, Throughput, "speed" (ugh) media uses to describe performance! Measured in Hz, NOT bits/sec
BC - Broadcast, OR Body Corporate which is the governing body in multi unit dwellings that regulates and organises the complex's satellite TV systems
BCCSA - The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa
BETA - Most popular commercial video tape format and tapes, best option technically (VHS was prefered by the public)
beta test - A pre-launch version of software
bit rate - Used in telecommunications and computing, bit rate is the number of data bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time
black bars - The unused spaces that are at times seen on both sides and / or at the top & bottom of the screen (see ARC 1 to ARC 5 info above)
BO - Box Office (anyone can hire the latest movies online, or on a PVR decoder for Premium subscribers)
Bottom TV - A derogative term used here for T o p TV
Bouquet - For a variety of reasons some channels are mirrored or isolated in different bouquets on a DStv decoder
BR - Bedroom
Bravia Sync - Sony's Implementation of HDMI CEC
BS - Bulls**t
BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death
BSS - Broadcast Satellite Services - The ITU term for one-way services in designated frequency spectrum bands using GSO satellites
BTD - The Broadcast Technology Division of MultiChoice
BTW - By The Way
b/w - Bandwidth
CA(M) - Conditional Access (Module)
C Band - Older satellite frequency band, we don't use this
CEC - Consumer Electronics Control is a protocol enabling the control of HDMI connected devices from a single RCU, the devices can also independently control each other
CFL - Compact Fluorescent Lamp (or Light bulb)
ch - Channel
c'mon - Slang for Come On
coaxial cable - Specially designed cable, in this case to deal with low-strength high frequency signals
COB - Close Of Business - example use; "will be done by COB today"
cold reboot - Also called a power cycle, the powering off of a decoder for at least 20 seconds to ensure everything is fully reset (Alternative is a warm reboot)
combiner - Combines terrestrial signals, typically VHF + UHF
Commercial Subscriber - Any DSTV customer other than a customer living in a private dwelling
comms - Communication (usually referring to electronic options)
component - Electronic item, or a video signal also using RCA type connectors that is superior to both composite (AV) and S-Video, only available on some decoders and TVs
composite - The video output on many RCA video connectors, also known as an AV signal
config. - Configuration
'cos - Slang for Because
COTH - Close On The Heels of the U.S. series, also known as CTTUS - Close To The U.S. series (Also related is HOTH - Hot On The Heels of the U.S. series)
CRT - Older (4:3 aspect ratio) Cathode Ray Tube type non-widescreen TV
CSN - "Community Services Network" channel from MultiChoice on some terrestrial transmitters, includes sport offerings, no longer available as a new subscription option
CSR - Customer Service Representative
CSSN - A control number used for changing the smartcard that is paired (not married) to a decoder (also known as SCN)
CTO - Chief Technology Officer
CTTUS - Close To The U.S. series, also known as COTH - Close On The Heels of the U.S. series (Also related is HOTH - Hot On The Heels of the U.S. series)
CU - Catch Up, brand name for DStv's Catch Up TV service on PVR decoders (at times called "Entertainment") and online, also was called DoD (DStv on Demand) for a while
DAB - Direct Audio Broadcast - The ITU recognised term for satellite audio broadcasts intended for direct reception by small personal receivers
DAC - Digital Audio Converter
DBS - Direct Broadcast Satellite - The ITU recognised term for satellite television broadcasts intended for home reception in BSS bands
DC - Direct Current
DCC - Decoder Care Contract
DD - Dolby Digital sound systems
decode - Unscrambling of coded TV signals to allow for normal viewing
Decoder - The device used to restore the original signal to ist orginal form, after reception over a circuit
DERP - Stupid comment or action
devs - Software Developers
DG - Director General
Digital signals - Modern, compact method of delivering TV and other signals, used by DStv
DiSEqC - Digital Satellite Equipment Control, referenced in older decoders' signal detection menu, best performance if both items are set to "None", else enquire on the forum
Dish - Slang for a satellite antenna
distribution amplifier - Amplifies RF signals for distribution in an installation's environment
DIY - Do-It-Yourself
DKWYM - Don't Know What You Mean?
DL - DownLoad
DM - Direct message (referring to Twitter (MC addicts!), but on here refer to PM)
DoC - Department of Communications
doccie - Documentary
DoD - DStv On Demand, for a while was the brand name for DStv's Catch Up TV service (also at times called "Entertainment") on PVRs & online, now called Catch Up again
Dolby Digital 5.1 - Advanced form of digital audio coding
Dolby Pro-Logic - Analogue version of Surround Sound - Splits regular Stereo into Front and Back, delays back, and adds a centre speaker to help with orientation
DOS - Denial Of Service attack on a website, OR Disk Operating System (was the first widely-installed operating system for personal computers)
double bill - Two series etc. episodes in a row
DRM - Digital Rights Management (copyright protection)
DS9 - Deep Space Nine, an old Star Trek TV series
DSD - Digital Satellite Decoder
DST - Daylight Savings Time
DStv - The Digital Satellite Television service from MultiChoice
DStv Touch - A group of interactive applications, to access press the OK button on your remote control
DTH - Direct To Home reception of FSS satellite signals intended for home reception, original term before DBS was defined and accepted
DTT - Digital Terrestrial TV service
DV - DualView, older decoders that deliver two viewing channels, or may refer to the service that activates this function
DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting organization, specifically relates to their DVB forward error coding and modulation standard (-S = for Satellite television)
DVB-S2 - Almost 30% greater efficiency than DVB-S (and better picture quality), inexpensive to implement, consistence picture quality in worst weather conditions
DVD Recorder - External recording device using DVDs (Digital Video Disks)
DYK - Do You Know
E09 - Episode [number]
E16 - Decoder Error (or condition) #16, no access to that channel or service is suspended
E30 - Decoder doing a security check, service should resume within 2 minutes
E36B - New name for the W 7 satellite used by the rest of Africa that's north of Southern Africa
E80 - Presumed similar to E30
E101 - Same as E16 but used for a different group of channels, * For a list of more error codes see this developing thread: Comprehensive error code list (post # 15)
EBR - A once-off EPG Based Recording set directly from the EPG
ECM - Entitlement Control Message (used for the conditional access process in a decoder)
Elevation (Angle) - The term used to describe the vertical position of an antenna relative to the horizon
EMI - Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMM - Entitlement Management Message (used for the conditional access process in a decoder)
encode - The adjustment of TV signals to control / limit access
Encoder - The device used to take an original signal, converted into a digital signal, and encode it and scramble it before transmission over a circuit
EOL - End Of the Line
Ep - Episode
EPG - Electronic Programme Guide
Ergo - Therefore, consequently, hence
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
etc. - Et cetera, an older term meaning "and the rest", "and others" or "or the like"
EV - The EasyView DStv subscription package
Explora - The latest HD PVR decoder or series of decoders, also known as the Pebble (also see "Surfer 3 decoders")
Extra - A new subscription package choice between Compact and Premium, not to be confused with XtraView
fb - FaceBook, or FeedBack
F-connector - A modern connector used for connecting signal-bearing cables to equipment
FEC - Forward Error Correction, or channel coding, a technique used for controlling errors in data transmission
feedhorn - A satellite dish component that captures the signal reflected from the dish surface and channels it into an amplifier, found in all LNBs
FF - Fast Forward
FFS - For F***'s Sake
field trials - Collective term used by MC for appointed trialists' test decoders, or the actual tests
Footprint - Area on Earth where downlink signal from satellite is received by a correctly aligned antenna, power availability measured in dBW isn't constant over whole footprint
Forumite - Any person who partakes in a forum's activity (except for the moderators & administrators)
f/p - Front Panel
frequencies & polarities list for all channels - see the next post in this thread
FSM - Field Strength Meter, used to test and set up TV installations
FSS - Fixed Satellite Services - The ITU term for both-way communication services in designated frequency spectrum bands using GSO satellites
FTA - Free To Air channels such as SABC or e-TV
FUBAR - F****d up Beyond All Repair
f/w - Firmware
FWIW - For What It's Worth
FYI - For Your Information
Gain - Amplification of a signal normally expressed in dB
Ghosting - Term to describe presence of multiple images on a TV image, is caused by the same image being received over multiple paths, but delayed relative to main image
gr8 - Great
GRID - Used to see a list of many of the channels at once in grid form, to access press any of the arrow keys surrounding your remote control's OK button
GSO - The Geostationary Satellite Orbit, the orbit over the equator at an altitude of 35 786 Km above the Earth (where satellites are "fixed" in their position relative to the ground)
gtvl - Gatvol, meaning very fed-up or irritated
Harmonic distortion - Unwanted frequencies that are generated as multiples of the original frequency due to irregularities in the transmission line
HB - HeartBeat (used for XtraView)
HD - High Definition
HDCP - High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a form of digital copy protection developed by Intel, it's a high definition TV handshake (authentication etc.) control protocol
HDCP15 - The complete error message is "HDCP IS NOT SUPPORTED", which means the decoder cannot communicate with the device connected to the HDMI port
HDD - Hard Disk Drive
HDD Recorder - External recording device using a Hard Disk Drive
HDMI - Interface used for high definition TV
Hex codes - Numbers in a special format used for programming certain remote controls
HGPC - Home Gateway Proximity Control
HOR - Horizontal Polarisation of signals
HOTH - Hot On The Heels of the U.S. series (Also related is COTH - Close On The Heels of the U.S. series, OR CTTUS - Close To The U.S. series)
HT - High Technology, or a High Tension lead (high voltage cable) used in some TVs' circuitry
Humax - The leading and very innovative Freesat/Freeview STB manufacturer in UK; not represented in SA, South Korean origin
h/w - Hardware
ICASA - The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
idk - I don't Know
i.e. - "That is..." or "in other words..."
IIRC - If I remember correctly
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
in-field - Collective term used by MC for subscribers' decoders
install (noun) - Place of installation
Interference - Any signal, genuine or noise, which, relative to the desired signal, is an unwanted signal
iow - In Other Words
IPI - In Programme Identifier, example: the channel logo with the word REPEAT under it
i-Plate - Information Plate, the banner at the bottom of the screen you use to see info about channels and programmes
IR - InfraRed frequencies, used for remote control units
IRD - Integrated Receiver Decoder, an old acronym from when the receiver & decoder were in seperate boxes & "new IRD" technology was introduced, now all DSDs are IRDs
IRL - In Real Life
iro - In Respect Of
IS 7 - Our old satellite's name
IS 10 - Another older satellite, its services have also since been moved to IS 20
IS 20 - Our satellite's name
ISIANMTU - I swear I am not making this up
iso - Instead Of
ITT - In This Thread
ITU - The International Telecommunication Union
IYDMMA - If You Don't Mind Me Asking
JJ - Just Joking
JK - Just Kidding
JOOC - Just Out Of Curiosity
JP - Just Playing
jumper - A metal link (usually insulated) used to make specific connections on a circuit board, used for config. choices on some equipment (not meant for decoder users)
K- Okay
Ka - Another satellite frequency band, we don't use this
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid (or Silly)
KK - Okay Cool, or Okay Kewl
KL - Kool, Cool
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
KSI - Key Success Indicators
Ku - The satellite frequency band we use
KWl - Cool
L8r - Later
L-band signals - The lower frequency signals that Ku signals are down converted to by an LNB for efficient delivery to and handling by the decoders
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display with CCFL backlight type widescreen TV, OR Least/Lowest Common Denominator
LED - Liquid Crystal Display with LED backlight type widescreen TV, OR Light Emitting Diode
Legacy HD PVR - All HD PVRs released after the SD PVR and before the Explora
Legacy Port - A standard LNB port, but it is called a "Legacy Port" on SATCR (Unicable) type LNBs
LHS - Left Hand Side
linear tv - "live" tv (as it is broadcast)
LLAH - Laughing Like A Hyena
LMAO - Laugh My [insert word for your behind here] Off
LMFAO - Laugh My F***ing [insert word for your behind here] Off
LNB - Low Noise Block Converter (the thingy at the end of your satellite dish's arm, it's the actual aerial)
LNB Splitter - An inexpensive but limited way to split a single LNB feed, only used (rarely) on the original DualView decoder
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LOS - Line Of Sight
LQTM - Laugh Quietly To Myself
LSM - Living Standards Measure, see
M8 - Mate
masthead amp - Amplifies incoming RF signals from terrestrial aerials
MC - MultiChoice
MCA - MultiChoice Africa (non-South Africa)
MIA - Missing In Action
Mods - Moderators (who are also senior managers)
MoM - (MC) Marietjie of MultiChoice, a senior moderator's nickname
MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group, responsible for the numerous standards such as MPEG1, MPEG2, & MPEG4 (in use from July '13 for DStv's HD channels - see DVB-S2)
MS - MultiSwitch (used to share your LNB feeds for more outputs), or the MicroSoft corporation (also known as MSN), or the MNET-Series channels
MSK key - PVR activation code related
MUD - Multi Unit Dwelling, the term for a residential complex and its communal TV reception set-up, MultiChoice's MUD division's contact number is 011 289-2289
Multiplexing - The process whereby a number of signals (chaannels) are combined together into a datastream for transmission over a single "carrier" frequency
MYOB - Mind Your Own Business
N/A - Not Applicable
N/C - No charge
NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement
NLS - Not Life Safe
Non-Surfer 3 decoders - 977, 988, 988i, 9876, 9876+, also see "Surfer 3 decoders" and "Explora" (or "Pebble"), main difference is the user interface
not nec. - Not necessary / not necessarily
not neg. - Not negotiable
NOYB - None Of Your Business
NP - No Problem
NSFW - Not Safe For Work
NTTAWWT - Not that there's anything wrong with that
NVM - Never Mind
NW - N u W e b, a planned upcoming broadband platform
NWS - Not Work Safe
O3 - Out Of Office
ODM - On-Digital Media, the TTV platform's parent company
OGC - Man j*cking off
OIC - Oh I See
OJ - Only Joking
OLED - Organic Light Emitting Diode type widescreen TV
OMG - Oh My G*d / Goodness!
OMW - Oh My Word!
OOC - Out Of Character
OP - Original Post / Poster
OPG - Online Programme Guide at
Optical - A fibre optic type digital audio connection option used for Surround Sound delivery
OS - Operating System
OSD - On Screen Display
OT - Off Topic
PA - Primary Audio, seen in the DualView decoder menu (presumed meaning)
Pace - First of two preferred partners of MC which manufacture decoders and PVRs, UK based
Package - Groups of channels offered and subscribed to, such as the Premium and Lite packages
PAL - Phase Alternate Line -- The European colour TV format, we use PAL-I in SA
PCM - Pulse-Code Modulation audio
Pebble - The latest HD PVR decoder or series of decoders, also known as the Explora (also see "Surfer 3 decoders")
PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between the Keyboard And the Chair
peeps - People
PG - Parental Guidance
PIN Code (1) - User chosen and set Personal Identification Number used for parental control etc. - three wrong attempts will block it (phone the call centre to reset)
PIN Code (2) - A single pre-set code for most advanced menus access (different for a factory reset on HD PVR decoders), see manual or enquire on the forum for details
PiP - Picture in Picture, the ability to display another channel or other device's output in a corner of the main channel being viewed (requires a second tuner built into the TV)
PITA - Pain In The [insert word for your behind here]
Pixellation - A form of noise normally seen on digital TV pictures, uncharacteristic blocks appear randomly all over the picture, (see "Snowy Picture" - the analogue equivalent)
Platform - A collection of channels delivered by a service provider such as DStv
PM - Private Messages (see How to use Private Messages (PM) )
PMSL - Pi**ing MySelf Laughing
Pol - Polarisation (vertical or horizontal)
polarities & frequencies list for all channels - see the next post in this thread
POS - Piece of S*** (item considered poor quality), or Point of Sale
power cycle - Also known as a cold reboot, the powering off of a decoder for at least 20 seconds to ensure everything is fully reset (Alternative is a warm reboot)
PPL - People
PQ - Picture Quality
PR - Public Relations
propagate - The broadcasting of signals
PSU or PS - Power Supply Unit
PTTL - Pop off To The Loo
PV - Primary Video, seen in the DualView decoder menu (presumed meaning)
PVR - Personal Video Recorder
QA - Quality Assurance
QC - Quality Control
Rainfade - The terms used to describe the loss of signal during a rainstorm
RCA - A common type of coaxial cable connector
RCU - Remote Control Unit
REC - Record
reflector - The back part of a terrestrial aerial or the dish itself for satellite reception, used to reflect back signals
Remote Blaster - A device used to transmit remote control commands to the decoder from another room, using radio frequencies
REW or RW - Rewind
RF - Radio Frequency type signals and their connections, also used for XtraView HeartBeat connections
RF modulator - Converts composite video signals + audio to a RF signal
RFS - Ready For Service
RG6(U) - Best satellite cable (the "U" is for best external use, either can be used internally)
RGB - Best quality analogue video signals
RGBs - Best quality analogue video signals, further enhanced, available on some old decoders (but called RGB)
RHS - Right Hand Side
RL - Real Life
ROA - Rest of Africa (non-South Africa)
ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RSS feeds - Really Simple Syndication feeds, also called web feeds, RSS is a content delivery vehicle
RTFM - Read The "F-ing" Manual
RW or REW - Rewind
Rx - Equipment receiving signals
S3/E11 - Series/Season [number], Episode [number]
SA - Secondary Audio, seen in the DualView decoder menu (presumed meaning)
SATCR (Unicable) LNB - SATellite Channel Router, transmits all HOR & VER frequencies via a single cable, HD PVRs option, may have standard output (Legacy Ports) as well
SBR - A Series Based Recording set directly from the EPG
s/c - SmartCard
SCART - British type of connection, used on some older decoders, offers RGBs plus alternative composite (AV) and S-Video connection options
SCN - Security Chip Number, a control number used for changing the smartcard that is paired (not married) to a decoder (also known as CSSN)
Scrambling - The process whereby a signal is distorted to prevent unauthorised reception, without a suitably programmed receiver
SD - Standard Definition
Sentech - The official distributor of commercial radio & TV terrestrial signals in South Africa
Ser - Series
Series Record - The option with many currently offered series to record the whole season with one simple setting, only available on HD PVR decoders
Series Start Dates - An unofficial list of DStv Series start dates (link: )
sig - Signal
Shudda - Should have
Signal Quality - Should be close to 100%, not very accurate - See Signal Strength v Signal Quality for details or enquire on the forum
Signal Strength / Level - Should be in the 90s (or 80s on some old decoders), not very accurate - See Signal Strength v Signal Quality for details or enquire on the forum
Simplink - LG's Implementation of HDMI CEC
Skew angle - Angle that an LNB needs to sit at for correct usage, for DStv it's approximately the 4 o'clock position (where the cables come out) when you're in front of the dish
SL - Signal Level (more commonly called signal strength)
SLA - Service Level Agreement
SLX splitter - A modern powered RF splitter that can help simplify / improve on an installation, allows for TV Link Eye usage (the TRIAX brand may not be compatible)
SM - Series Manager OR Social Media
SMATV - Satellite Master Antenna Television, special setting required when a decoder is connected to a (some) MUD installation (s)
SMH - Shaking My Head
SMUD - Single Multiple Unit Dwelling, Muds subscribers with individual decoders but with MNET fed through a head end system and so excluded from their DSTV package
S/N - Serial Number
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F****d Up
Snowy Picture - Noise normally seen on analogue TV pictures, characterised by light & dark dots appearing randomly all over the picture, ( see "Pixellation" - digital equivalent)
SO - Significant Other (wife / husband)
SOS - Same Old S**t
SOZ - Sorry
SPDIF - Digital Audio connection (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format)
Splitter - A passive device that splits a signal into 2 separate but equal signals, 3 dB less than the incoming signal
SPOC - Single Point Of Control / Contact / Configuration
SQ - Signal Quality
S/R - Symbol Rate, the number of symbol changes (waveform changes or signalling events) made to the transmission medium per second
SR - Series Record
SS - SuperSport, spreadsheet, surround sound, or signal strength (sometimes called signal level)
SSDD - Same S**t Different Day
STB - Set Top Box ; includes terrestrial, satellite and cable receivers, decoders and PVRs
STBY - Standby power setting
STFW - Search The F***ing Web
subs base - Collective term used by MC for all subscribers
SUD - Single Unit Dwelling
sup homes - What's up friend?
Surfer 3 decoders - 642,645,660,720,720i,910,933,990,DV,SD PVR,1110/1/2,HD PVRs:4U,4P,2P,2U, all compatible with MC's Universal RCU, (see "Non-Surfer 3 decoders")
SV - Secondary Video, seen in the DualView decoder menu (presumed meaning)
S-VHS - An older term for S-Video
S-Video - A video signal with a quality higher than composite video but less than component video
s/w - Software
SWW - Sorry, Wrong Window (typing in the wrong place)
Symbol Rate - Rate data is received by a DSD, it's measured in S/sec, which can be translated into an equivalent number of bit/sec, typically MC uses 30 000 & 27 500 S/sec
TBA - To be announced
TBC - To be confirmed
TBD - To be determined
TBH - To be honest
TBR - Time Based Recording - a schedule entry set by the user
terrestrial signals - Signals that are broadcast from ground based transmitters
Terrestrial TV channels regional list - See
Tho - Thought
TIA - Thanks In Advance
TLC - Tender Loving Care (how to treat a decoder when it hangs)
TNG - The Next Generation, an old Star Trek TV series
TOS - The Original Series, common term used to refer to the original Star Trek (TV) series
T-piece - Used to spilt RF signals on F-connector type plugs to more than one destination
Transponder - The devices on a satellite used to transmit blocks of channels, each uses a specific frequency and polarisation
transponder list - An unofficial list of technical info re the channels: (last updated on 2013-10-02), now discontinued
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now
TTV - T o p TV platform
TTYL - Talk To You Later
TTYT - Talk To You Tomorrow
TV1 - The first viewing environment on a Duall View or SD PVR decoder
TV2 - The second viewing environment on a Dual View or SD PVR decoder
TV Link Eye - A device used to transmit remote control commands to the decoder from another room, using the existing RF cabling
TVRO - Television Receive Only - Satellite reception from FSS satellites, C-band, unconnected to commercial DBS providers
tw - Twitter
Tx - Equipment transmitting signals
TY - Thank You
TYT - Take Your Time
UAT - User Acceptance Testing
UEC - Second of two preferred partners of MC which manufacture decoders and PVRs, KZN based and proudly South African
UHF - Ultra High Frequency (terrestrial signals)
Unicable (SATCR) LNB - Transmits all horizontal and vertical frequencies via a single cable, HD PVRs option, may have standard output(s) (Legacy Ports) as well
Uplinks - For uplink info see next post
UPS - Universal Power Supply, used to supply a more steady and somewhat protected power source for equipment
URL - Uniform Resource Locators, used as addresses on the World Wide Web to indicate the virtual location of a web site or document
U/S - Unserviceable
USB port - Not currently in use on MultiChoice decoders
UTR - Under The Radar
UV - UltraViolet radiation from the sun
VCR - Video Cassette Recorder
VER - Vertical Polarisation of signals
VGR - Voyager, an old Star Trek TV series (also called VOY)
VHF - Very High Frequency (terrestrial signals)
VHS - Most popular old public video tape format and tapes (BETA was prefered commercially)
VOY - Voyager, an old Star Trek TV series (also called VGR)
W 7 - Old name for the E36B satellite used by the rest of Africa that's north of Southern Africa
W8 - Wait
warm reboot - Reset a decoder from the front panel or menu (some decoders), at times done automatically by the software, maintains power flow (Alternative is a cold reboot)
WB - Welcome Back
Wd - Well Done
WDUWTA? - What Do yoU Want to Talk About?
WOOT - We Own the Other Team
wrt - With Respect To
WS - WideScreen
WSS - WideScreen Signalling
WTF - What The F*** (negative statement of surprise)
WTH - What The Hell
WURSC - Wow yoU aRe So Cool
XV - XtraView (connecting two decoders together under one account), not to be confused with the new subscription package choice called "Extra"
YCM - You Copied Me
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary
Yo - Hey, or Your
YPbPr - Component Video type connections, only available on some equipment
yr - Year
YSVW - You are So Very Welcome
YW - You are Welcome
ZAF - The country code used on smartcards for South African subscribers

:'-) Crying
8-0 Surprise
:-/ Sceptical, annoyed, undecided, uneasy, hesitant
:-| Straight face, no expression, indecision
O:-) Innocent
}:-) Devilish
:-& Tongue-tied
#-) Partied all night
%-) Confused
<:-| Dumb
~(_8^(I) Homer Simpson (to show just how weird emoticons can get )

Here's a link to the most detailed general and technical abbreviations list I've yet seen on the web:

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Arrow List of channels' frequencies and polarities

Note that the info below is now very outdated, please instead see this more modern post:


Here's a list of all the S.A. DStv TV and radio / audio channels' frequencies and polarities. (This list is for technical use only.)

V=vertical (VER), H=horizontal (HOR)

Last fully checked on 2013-10-13

This old version of the list will not be updated again, please see link above.

Disclaimer: This list is not an official MC list but a list generated by Forumites in the spirit of sharing information.

Transponder order:

10970 V.... 144, 154, 176, 200, 206, 207, 262, 343, 401, 402, 414, 452, 490, 902.... 858, 870, 876
10970 H.... 118, HD 125, SD 125, 126, 138, 183, 407
11010 V.... 100, 191, 192, 193, 319, 404.... 857
11010 H.... 128, 129, 175, 178, 308, 430, 431, 432, 435, 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 445, 446, 451.... 895, 896, 897
11050 H.... 120, 171, 172, 174, HD 180, 184, 187, 305, 306, 450, 457
11090 V.... 127, 130, 137, 179, 301, 303, 304, 309, 322, 323, 400, 411, 454.... 850, 851, 852
11090 H.... HD 112, SD 112, HD 117, SD 117, 121, 122, 124, 173, 188
11130 V.... SD 107, 110, 111, 194, 203, 239, 325, 408, 901.... 801 to 840 (DMX)
11130 H.... HD 101, 162, 182, 204, 251, 331, 403, 406, 415
11170 H.... 170, 209, HD 212, 229, 410, 420.... 875, 878, 879, 880, 881, 884, 887
11474 H.... 152, 341, 347, 409, 413, 447, 500, 505.... 866, 869, 871, 885, 886
11514 H.... HD 105, HD 108, HD 113, HD 215, HD 216
11554 V.... HD 103, HD 107, HD 211, HD 213, HD 214
11554 H.... HD 104, HD 106
11594 V.... SD 101, SD 103, 115, 161, 199, 201, 202, 205, 221, 320.... 859, 861, 872
11594 H.... SD 104, SD 105, SD 106, SD 108, 146, 150, 153, 260, 261, 321, 340
11634 V.... 116, 132, 164, 181, 186, 189, 198, 263, 302, 412, 437.... 853, 854, 855, 856, 860, 865, 867, 868, 882, 883 (all these recently changed from 11050 V (except new channels))
11634 H.... (not in use for channels)
11674 H.... SD 113, 114, 139, 145, 155, 163, 208, 405

Note that the feeds for transponders highlighted in violet are uplinked directly from the United Kingdom to our satellite, all others are uplinked from South Africa (but some channels may have still originated elsewhere). This info may change on occasion.

Channel order:

100 dish 11010 V

HD 101 M-Net 11130 H
SD 101 M-Net 11594 V

HD 103 MPrem 11554 V
SD 103 MPrem 11594 V

HD 104 M Com 11554 H
SD 104 M Com 11594 H

HD 105 M Fam 11514 H
SD 105 M Fam 11594 H

HD 106 MAct+ 11554 H
SD 106 MAct+ 11594 H

HD 107 M D&R 11554 V
SD 107 M D&R 11130 V

HD 108 MShow 11514 H
SD 108 MShow 11594 H

110 MAct 11130 V
111 MStar 11130 V

HD 112 StUni 11090 H
SD 112 StUni 11090 H

HD 113 SShow 11514 H
SD 113 SShow 11674 H

114 SReal 11674 H
115 SZone 11594 V
116 VUZU 11634 V (all these channels recently changed from 11050 V)

HD 117 UniCh 11090 H
SD 117 UniCh 11090 H

118 TeleM 10970 H
120 BBC E 11050 H
121 Disc 11090 H
122 Comdy 11090 H
124 E! 11090 H

HD 125 FOX 10970 H
SD 125 FOX 10970 H

126 FOX C 10970 H
127 SONY 11090 V
128 MAX 11010 H
129 Bbelt 11010 H
130 MTV 11090 V
132 CBS R 11634 V
137 TCM 11090 V
138 TrueM 10970 H
139 MZone 11674 H
144 KykNT 10970 V
145 Kyk&K 11674 H
146 Kyk M 11594 H
150 AME 11594 H
152 AMMov 11474 H
153 AMM1 11594 H
154 AMag 10970 V
155 AMWld 11674 H
161 Mzans 11594 V
162 Mwld 11130 H
163 MzanW 11674 H
164 MzanB 11634 V
170 CRIME 11170 H
171 DisID 11050 H
172 TLC 11050 H
173 Style 11090 H
174 BBC L 11050 H
175 FOOD 11010 H
176 Home 10970 V
178 FTV 11010 H
179 Travl 11090 V

HD 180 DisHD 11050 H

181 NaGeo 11634 V
182 NGwld 11130 H
183 AnimP 10970 H (previously on 11474 H)
184 BBC K 11050 H
186 HIST 11634 V
187 DiscW 11050 H
188 TraSp 11090 H
189 IGNTN 11634 V
191 SABC1 11010 V
192 SABC2 11010 V
193 SABC3 11010 V
194 11130 V
198 Big Brother / Special Events 11634 V
199 S.A. Idols / Special Events 11594 V
200 BLITZ 10970 V
201 SS1 11594 V
202 SS2 11594 V
203 SS3 11130 V
204 SS4 11130 H
205 SS5 11594 V
206 SS6 10970 V
207 SS7 10970 V
208 SS8 11674 H
209 SS9 11170 H

HD 211 SSHD1 11554 V

HD 212 SSHD2 11170 H

HD 213 SSHD3 11554 V

HD 214 SSHD4 11554 V

HD 215 SSHD5 11514 H

HD 216 SSHD6 11514 H

221 SSmax 11594 V
229 SELCT 11170 H
239 TelTr 11130 V
251 Sowet 11130 H
260 BayTV 11594 H
261 1KZN 11594 H
262 Tshwn 10970 V
263 CTV 11634 V
301 CN 11090 V
302 Boom 11634 V
303 Dsny 11090 V
304 DsnXD 11090 V
305 Nick 11050 H
306 BBC C 11050 H
308 KIDCO 11010 H
309 DsnyJ 11090 V
319 Minds 11010 V
320 ChO 11594 V
321 MzanM 11594 H
322 MTV B 11090 V
323 VH1 C 11090 V
325 TRACE 11130 V
331 OneG 11130 H
340 Dumsa 11594 H
341 TBN 11474 H
343 Rhema 10970 V
347 iTV 11474 H
400 BBC W 11090 V
401 CNN 10970 V
402 SkyN 10970 V
403 eNCA 11130 H
404 SABCN 11010 V
405 ANN7 11674 H
406 AJE 11130 H
407 RT 10970 H (previously on 11130 V)
408 Parl 11130 V
409 CCTVN 11474 H
410 CNBCA 11170 H
411 Bloom 11090 V
412 BDTV 11634 V
413 NDTV 11474 H
414 EuroN 10970 V
415 Weath 11130 H
420 C-MUS 11170 H - This is a test channel, not necessarily for future subscriber use
430 RAI 11010 H
431 BVN 11010 H
432 ERT 11010 H Currently not broadcasting
435 RTPi 11010 H
437 TV5 11634 V
440 RTL 11010 H
441 SAT1 11010 H
442 ARD 11010 H
443 ZDF 11010 H
444 PRO7 11010 H
445 3SAT 11010 H
446 DW 11010 H
447 CCTV4 11474 H
450 SET A 11050 H
451 B4U 11010 H
452 ZeeTV 10970 V
454 Sun 11090 V
457 SMAX 11050 H
490 CSN (terrestrial - available to some on satellite?) 10970 V
500 Globo 11474 H
505 SIC 11474 H
901 GA1 (private commercial) 11130 V
902 MNTT (terrestrial) 10970 V

801 DMX AdulC 11130 V
802 DMX TdayH 11130 V
803 DMX Y2K 11130 V
804 DMX '70s 11130 V
805 DMX '80s 11130 V
806 DMX FamF 11130 V
807 DMX SoftH 11130 V
808 DMX Love 11130 V
809 DMX MetrB 11130 V
810 DMX City 11130 V
811 DMX Groov 11130 V
812 DMX HsPty 11130 V
813 DMX PowrH 11130 V
814 DMX Dance 11130 V
815 DMX Elctr 11130 V
816 DMX CampR 11130 V
817 DMX AltR 11130 V
818 DMX HardR 11130 V
819 DMX ClasR 11130 V
820 DMX GoldO 11130 V
821 DMX '90s 11130 V
822 DMX R&B 11130 V
823 DMX Urban 11130 V
824 DMX UBeat 11130 V
825 DMX Regga 11130 V
826 DMX ModnC 11130 V
827 DMX TradC 11130 V
828 DMX Gospl 11130 V
829 DMX Afric 11130 V
830 DMX ItalC 11130 V
831 DMX SmthJ 11130 V
832 DMX ClasJ 11130 V
833 DMX Blues 11130 V
834 DMX Beaut 11130 V
835 DMX ContI 11130 V
836 DMX New A 11130 V
837 DMX LiteC 11130 V
838 DMX A & O 11130 V
839 DMX Chamb 11130 V
840 DMX Symph 11130 V
850 BBCen 11090 V
851 BBCfr 11090 V
852 BBCln 11090 V
853 VOA 11634 V
854 WRN 11634 V
855 TWR 11634 V
856 702 11634 V
857 C FM 11010 V
858 JAC 10970 V
859 YFM 11594 V
860 CRI 11634 V
861 Kaya 11594 V
865 CII 11634 V
866 RFI 11474 H
867 Wave 11634 V
868 100FM 11634 V
869 1485 11474 H
870 Verit 10970 V
871 VRT-1 11474 H
872 TAR 11594 V
875 Link 11170 H
876 Ksmos 10970 V
878 Jozi 11170 H
879 94.7 11170 H
880 KFM 11170 H
881 METRO 11170 H
882 PULPT 11634 V
883 NNR 11634 V
884 CapFM 11170 H
885 567 11474 H
886 MK 11474 H
887 RdPta 11170 H
895 BAY1 11010 H
896 DW-R 11010 H
897 BAY3 11010 H

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Arrow Channels' websites

This info is not being updated again.
See this (currently correct) link: and click on the channel logos, most will take you to the correct website.

Here's a list of all the S.A. DStv TV & radio / audio channels' websites (correct up to end September 2013). Contact details will usually appear on their homepages.

Disclaimer: This list is not an official MC list but a list generated by Forumites in the spirit of sharing information.

For foreign language channels; this Google facility can help with website translations (put the web address in the first box):

101 M-Net
103 to 111 M-Net Movies channels
112 StUni
113 to 115 M-Net Series channels
116 VUZU
117 UniCh
118 TeleM (South American website, may not be the same programme scheduling)
120 BBC E
121 Disc
122 Comdy
124 E!
125 FOX
126 FOX C
127 SONY
128 MAX
129 Bbelt
130 MTV
132 CBS R
137 TCM
138 TrueM (British website, NOT the same programme scheduling)
139 MZone
144 to 146 - KykNet channels
150 to 155 African Magic channels
161 Mzans
162 Mwld
163 MzanW
164 MzanB
171 DisID
172 TLC
173 Style
174 BBC L
175 FOOD
176 Home
178 FTV
179 Travl
180 DisHD
181 NaGeo
182 NGwld
183 AnimP
184 BBC K
186 HIST
187 DiscW
188 TraSp
191 SABC1
192 SABC2
193 SABC3
199 S.A. Idols
200 BLITZ and
201 to 216 SuperSport channels
221 SSmax
239 TelTr
251 Sowet
260 BayTV
261 1KZN
262 Tshwn
263 CTV
301 CN
302 Boom
303 Dsny
304 DsnXD
305 Nick
306 BBC C
309 DsnyJ
319 Minds
320 ChO
321 MzanM
322 MTV B
323 VH1 C
331 OneG
340 Dumsa
341 TBN
343 Rhema
347 iTV
400 BBC W
401 CNN
402 SkyN
403 eNCA
405 ANN7
406 AJE
407 RT
408 Parl
411 Bloom
412 BDTV
413 NDTV
414 EuroN
415 Weath and
420 C-MUS - This is a test channel, not necessarily for future subscriber use
430 RAI
431 BVN
432 ERT
435 RTPi
437 TV5
440 RTL
441 SAT1
442 ARD
443 ZDF
444 PRO7
445 3SAT
446 DW
447 CCTV4
450 SET A
451 B4U
452 ZeeTV
454 Sun
457 SMAX
490 CSN (terrestrial) sports line-up
500 Globo
505 SIC
901 GA1 (private commercial)
902 MNTT (terrestrial)

801 to 840 DMX
850 BBCen
851 BBCfr
852 BBCln
853 VOA
854 WRN
855 TWR
856 702
857 C FM
858 JAC
859 YFM
860 CRI
861 Kaya
865 CII
866 RFI
867 Wave
868 100FM
869 1485
870 Verit
871 VRT-1
872 TAR
875 Link
876 Ksmos
878 Jozi
879 94.7
880 KFM
883 NNR
884 CapFM
885 567
886 MK
887 RdPta
895 BAY1
896 DW-R
897 BAY3

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