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Angry extraview help

Good day

I recently upgraded to HD pvr 2p with extra view to DSD1131.

Setup: HD pvr 2p Primary Decoder(Main Bedroom)
Signal Strength:98%
Signal Quality:100%
Dual LNB going to HD PVR 2P
Extraview setup to use RF OUT.
Extraview status:Primary Transmitting heartbeat
UHF Channel set to 22

DSD 1131 Secondary decoder (2nd Bedroom)
Signal Strength:88%
Signal Quality:100%
Separate dish with single LNB connected directly
Extraview setup to use RF IN
Extraview status:Secondary No Communication
UHF Channel set to 63

RF OUT on dsd 1131 then goes out to splitter to distribute RF of both HD PVR and 1131 To all tv sets in house. All Cabling is new (1 week old) Heartbeat between to decoders is 100%.

I have picture on both decoders on 1131 picture stutters from time to time(About 30 sec every 2-5 min).
What could be the cause for this?
Could it be that the to decoders are not "talking" to each other properly? and is the 1131 suppose to permanently say no communication under extraview setup?
According to MC extraview is activated and working fine.

Any Advice welcome.
Kind regards
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(a) Are you receiving the RF from the HD PVR at the tvs connected via RF?

(1) Disconnect distribution to rest of house temorarily.
(2) Verify that the HB cable is correctly connected.
(3) I presume you are not using any TVLINK eyes?
(4) If XV has been setup properly, the 1131 should say someting to the effect of Status = secondary, Communication should be "waiting" or something to thta effect
(5) Check on the HD PVR under the information screens, HGPC status and see if the SC number for the 1131 is listed there as a secondary SC. If not XV has not been sucessfully setup.
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2 unmentionable FTA decoders
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