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Old 2015-11-06 , 09:06
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Default Enhancement Request: "Record This and Future Seasons"

Presently the Explora is capable of recording the season of a series - A feature that we use a lot, and one which works extremely well.

Recently, we have missed the start of the next season of a couple of our favourite series, because there has not been, or we have missed any promo announcements for the start of the next season. Therefore, the logical extension of the "Record the Season" feature is another option to "Record This and Future Seasons". If one has elected to record a season of a series, the chances are that one will also want to record any future seasons of the same series.

After a series season ends, the recording entry remains in the Season Manager (unless one explicitly deletes it), so it should be possible for the Season Manager to also match any future season as soon as they appear. (SeasonNumber >= N instead of the present SeasonNumber == N).

Hopefully the development team will consider this for a enhancement to the "Record the Season" feature.


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Welcome to the forum.

Yes this has been a debate since the inception of "series recording".

Series recording is totally dependent on:

  • The correct information being provided as part of the EPG
  • "event tracking" capability.
Now as to bullet 1, There are two systems used by the channels MC carries:
  1. No regard is taken of season numbers and the episode numbers just continue
  2. Season and series numbers are used by the series recording functionality.
The older decoders require both the season and episode numbers to work, BUT then at the end of each series, the user must delete the old setting and create a new one for the new season. If a channel decides to not use the season numbers and keep a continuously increasing episode number series, the older decoders work anyway, but then some users get upset because they can't easily track the episodes in a season.

What exactly happens on the Explora, I can't comment as I do not have an Explora. We have received plenty of mixed signals on this matter posted by users on the forum. Last I understood was that users are still expected to delete old settings and create new ones when a season change happens when using the Explora decoder

MC seem to believe that CU and CU+ cures all and are focussing a lot of energy on getting CU to work ....
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you can make use of the 1st episodes tab - this will display all shows /series that have 1st episodes, so that you do not miss the return of your favourite shows

press the CATCHUP button on the remote
scroll to series
under this tab you will see the following
newest first
last chance
1st episodes
Box Sets ....

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Old 2015-11-06 , 10:03
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@Geoff. Many thanks for responding. The Explora works in the same way - The Season Manager only records the episodes for a specific season number. When the series returns, a new recording has to be created for the new season. However, one can only do that when the series returns - it cannot be done in advance. An alternative suggestion would be to be able to edit the season number of a season recording entry. Then when a series is finished, one can simply edit the entry to expect the next series (N+1).

@Fathima. In this particular case (CSI Cyber S2), CU only has E2 listed even though the current episode is only E3! I have just connected my Explora to the Internet, so hopefully CU+ will add E1 to the list.
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