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Old 2016-01-20 , 12:32
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Default Explora loses memory

My Explora loses memory in the buffer especially sometimes. You go to a program try and watch from the beginning and after fiddling with it at times with difficulty you get to the start. Somehow when the program gets to the point where you initially rewinded from, it just catches up to Live TV and the gap is missing.
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Old 2016-01-20 , 16:35
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Welcome, I would suggest trying a factory defaults reset with harddrive reformat as nothing else would seem to fit possibly helping.

First ensure you've seen everything important that you recorded (and downloaded if you have CU+), and best to also first write down your menu settings in Settings \ Satellite Settings \ Home Network, and those in User Preferences \ Video & Audio, and in System Settings \ Remote Control.
You should comfortably survive anything else.

If still no success / enough improvement then you will need to take your Explora in for checking, would likely be replaced.
(If you have a second decoder in a XtraView arrangement take it with as well.)

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buffer, explora, rewind bug
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