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Default Explora 2 and SD PVR extra view


Installed Explora 2 (Primary) and SD PVR (Secondary) in extra view. Dual LNB with DStv switch in my install. Also linked up 3 extra TV's to the install by using a Ellies TVL3XV splitter/combiner. Only one extra TV linked with "TV link eye".
Was working fine in the beginning but suddenly getting not all the channels. Not sure if it's only the channels on vertical" or "horizontal". Also getting E38-32 (LNB OVERLOAD) error all the time.
Help please!!! Thanks.

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The LNB overload error mean that your LNB is drawing too much power. This can be the result of a short in your wiring or a faulty LNB. The fact that you are missing some channels points to the LNB as your most likely culprit.
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Hi Jan Horn.

Just to correct myself. I checked again and find that it is not error E38-32 I get. I get on TV1 on the SD PVR ERROR E75 (TV Link overload) and on TV2 on the SD PVR also ERROR E75 but (LNB2 overload).
Will this change your reply to the problem?
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Old 2017-08-07 , 17:30
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I presume you are using an Explora 5-2 switch?

It may be the switch that has packed up or a power supply problem in the SD PVR.

If possible temporarily connect the SD PVR direct to the 2 LNB ports and reboot the SD PVR. The SD PVR will work for about 30 minutes before cutting out but it should be long enough for you to confirm that the 5-2 switch is okay or not.

If the error remains then unfortunately the SD PVR has decided to call it a day.
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