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Default Frozen Explora GUI

(GUI = Graphic User Interface, meaning the menus and all other on-screen functionality)

@MC - Last night (Sunday) at 20:01 I tried to access the Schedules list via the Playlist. The Playlist was blank and RCU functionality became either ultra slow or froze.

I managed to reset a bit by toggling into Standby and back, and then went a different route to the Schedules list. Managed to remove my Reminder set for the movie "Tarzan..." on 101 which was going to be watched live, and saw that the end of Carte Blanche was still recording so then left well alone.

At 20:20 the recording of another movie scheduled for 20:30 started without a problem.
Shortly after 20:30, 101 was paused.
When trying to go back to playing 101 now from the buffer, everything then froze up! Absolutely no response to any standard RCU or f/p commands, not even to bring up the i-Plate or change channel etc.
However, the movie did continue playing buffered, just with the time indicator staying on screen (showing a 2 min. 6 secs. delay), and audio could be muted and restored but without any mute indicator on screen.

It was possible to watch the rest of the movie this way, and I then left the Explora alone until the end credits of the movie still possibly being recorded (the f/p REC light was still on, so monitored for its end on other decoder).
I then held in the RCU's power button, and surprisingly the decoder did respond with a soft reboot. All was ok after that and the recording was amazingly in good order.

I see that someone else reported a "this is a PVR" false notification and authentication problem happening after 20:30 last night, so presumed somewhat related.

My SD PVR did not reboot though, and no-one else seems to be reporting that today either (in case related).

Hope this detail may help.

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