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Old 2017-09-16 , 12:00
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Default New Explora 2


I've been using an old HDPVR for a long time. Decided to buy an explora 2.

I have a 80cm dish with a unicable LNB installed in 2014 which I simply connected to the new exporla.

Everything works fine but my catch-up/box office is not downloading. Decoder has been on for 4 days now and still nothing.

Signal strength on tuner 1 is 90%, 100% quality.

My signal strength on tuner 3 (which I believe is for box office and catch-up) is 77-78%. Quality 100. Does it have to be higher?

I unplugged EVERYTHING for a hour. When I switched it back on tuner 3 was at 85. But it dropped back to 78 after a while.

Also I have a few missing channels that won't work. Channel 111 for example. It's just blank with a error "there is no signal, this could be due to bad weather blah blah"

The missing channel 111 has been an issue for me on the previous decoder as well and I was hoping a new decoder will resolve it.

However, box office and catch-up always worked perfectly well on the old decoder.

Now I am wondering if my LNB/cable got a bit of heat from the clouds above....

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Old 2017-09-16 , 12:34
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Yes, tuner 3 is used for that.

Signal Strength could be a bit higher, Quality needs to be at least 90%. The channel 111 you are having problems with has the same polarity as the tuner 3 needs - Vertical, so suggests a possible LNB skew angle alignment problem. But as weather may be an issue it could be old or damaged equipment as well.

The reason it worked ok before is that the Exploras are far more sensitive to having good signals reception.


As a precaution - if you have that old HD PVR or any other decoder connected as well then let us know and then how many LNB cables supply it, there could be user band clashes involved.

Also note that if it's an old SATCR LNB you're using, they're not all compatible in all needs so it could be a suspect as well.
and in order to future protect as much as you can re the new "hi band" channels coming one day from MC, a Smart LNB (SLNB) is the recommendation. But what you have may still work...

I won't be assisting further, just offering a start as you posted here instead of in the Installations section.
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Old 2017-09-16 , 12:39
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Thanks for the reply.

My lnb was installed in 2014 and it's a unicable/satcr. Only one cable. But it's not the smart LNB that was launched with the explora so I guess this is my issue.

I guess I'll have to phone a installer to come and have a look. I can check/change the LNB myself, but unfortunately I don't have a 7m ladder

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Old 2017-09-17 , 20:04
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The problem is most likely the non standard user bands and frequencies set as defaults .

Which model satcr do you have make and model?
We may be able to work out which you could use to get the Explora to work .

However the longer term solution is to get the lnb replaced with a SLNB
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