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Old 2010-06-04 , 15:18
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Originally Posted by mayanja View Post
Actually - the horizontal channel of Universal (108) has a strength of 93%, quality 90%. The next channel, TCM (109) which is vertical according to the signal status has 98%/90%. M-Net HD also has 98%/90% (and vertical).

I should note though that the weather has changed, and that it may rain at any time.

I can tune into all the channels. I don't get any square blocks or anything during normal weather.

I take that based on that, the antenna should be re-aligned?

Thanks for all the help.

I would suggest that you should consider making sure (but in good weather conditions) that the antenna alignment, especially the skew angle is optimum
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Old 2010-06-06 , 16:49
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I have tried to increase the signal quality with the help of an installer, but it didn't work much. I was not able to get a signal quality better than 90%. I will let you know via this thread whether there are any improvements.

Thanks for the help.

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