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Default Aspect Ratio Issues

It is quite a while since ARC settings has been an issue on the forum.

Presumably, it is because most members of the forum now have modern TVs with HDMI connections.

But also, most no longer have older decoders as well.

So recently having been exposed to a 1110 decoder connected to a Sinotec digital TV via AV, I am quite surprised to find that a number of issues seem to still raise their heads on various channels.

In theory, the correct setting on the 1110 decoder should be 16:9 ARC 1.

Then the TV should be set to "wide" and all should be normal? Well no, it depends on the channel, suggesting that the transmission settings for channels are NOT consistent

For example CH 108. Picture correct when TV is set to wide. Yet the TV has a setting called "normal" whatever that is supposed to be, which if used ends up with a picture that is not even 4:3. Long thin faces well within what would normally be classified as 4:3.

Lost connectivity for a while. To continue, the same for CH 101. So now assuming the above is therefore the correct settings for the 1110 connected to a TV via AV, the next post will highlight how other channels display with these settings and what the "best" setting is then for the TV and in some cases, the decoder.

The conclusion is therefore, that the channels in question DO NOT transmit their content correctly and consistently with the settings presumably recommended by MC.

Channel 194 SD. Note with only AV and RF available. With the above settings, the channel displays as letterbox and pillarbox. Changing the TV to "cinema" fixes it BUT is basically just another zoom setting because content is lost top and bottom. Can't be used when viewing the news because the ticker tape at the bottom is chopped off.

No suitable TV setting works, so one has to change the decoder. No ARC setting displays the channel properly, and selecting 4:3 gives equally poor results. BUT, it appears as if CH 194 is transmitted as suitable for display on a 4:3 TV as ARC 4 or 5 and NOT wide-screen.

Considering that this decoder is predominantly found in B&B's lodges etc. , most of which have digital TVs, the situation is nothing short of disgusting.
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Hi Geoff,

Here's a post from a thread we were both involved with over four years ago which may explain, if they may have never labelled the ARC settings on the 1110 correctly to alter the fault it had with that;
Aspect Ratio on SD Decoders (post #5)
However I have some sort of slight memory that it had been fixed... can't be sure, it's long ago.

I've used ch. 108 regularly without any AR incidents, but only on HD so can't speak about their SD feed. But I suspect it may be the same feed downconverted.

194 is a different matter altogether - the SD feed has remained in 4:3 mode. AFAIK this is the only such strange exception among all the channels.

BTW, not planning to be around much.
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I'm now wondering if their 1110 s/w was ever updated with any ARC fix.
Think I recall you being in one of these places before where you said the setup was so bad that an update was impossible.
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