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Old 2018-02-15 , 09:11
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Lightbulb Online Guide - improvement suggestions

I think this is best placed here for reaching the people involved, but please move it if better elsewhere.

Looking at the BBC online guide for S.A. there's a couple of features it offers that makes good sense.

Online guide - suggestions - BBC example.jpg

The ability to move many hours back or forward with one click is great.

The calendar could also help, even though ours only offers the next fortnight it could still be helpful, and leave room for expansion.

Please also see how fast it works. Yes, it's offering far less channels and functionality, but still, the difference is vast.

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Old 2018-02-15 , 10:14
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Again, I want to ask for day 15.
Today is Thursday, on my Explora EPG I can see until day 8 which is next Thursday which is what a full week needs to do.
On the online guide we can only see further until the following Wednesday, and that's only available by mid-morning.
There truly is a need for this fairly often.

At the same time, why can't even further static, basic info be added where available.
In our above example, the BBC is offering a massive 6 weeks of info. And the week following that already offers info for one of their channels.

Personally I would also prefer to have an "all channels" option, and have that as default.
I know this may be a memory problem, but if practical it would be far easier to have, for instance, Entertainment and Documentaries as one section.

I don't like the way the up / down functionality works at all, not even sure how those without a mouse scroll button get to the channels further down.
We've asked for it to return before, a simple additional vertical slider bar for the purpose.

Much remaining buggy software aside, I must just add that the improvements over the last few months have been noticed and are appreciated.
I'm sure there are many other points to raise, but I think most here are too tired of trying.
EDIT: Perhaps MC want to do a history search of previous related threads, this will show much of it:

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