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Old 2017-02-13 , 08:19
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Default E45 Error

MC excelled itself again last night and this morning

My SD PVR showed an E45 error this morning that took 4reboots to clear! Just when we needed it!

Pathetic service


Thanks Optimist for confirming what went on last night. Optimist will post the detail in another thread.
One transponder was removed, and two more added, brining the total number of transponders used over SA form 25 - 1 = 24 to 24 +2 = 26.

As the SD PVR is capable of detecting ALL transponders activated, this scrambled its brains a bit. Still does not make up for the frustration of wanting to catch up on the early news and weather, when you have to spend 45 minutes waiting for the decoder to come back on line!
Spare decoders: SD PVR(3) PSU's, DSD 660, 1110, 1131, Explora 1.
Spare switches and LNBs: 1 x 5-1(repaired); 1 x 5-2.Numerous so called faulty LNBs that were easily repaired.
2 unmentionable FTA decoders
1.2m antenna, 8-way universal LNB, 2 x (2x6) MS, FSM permanently connected.

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Had the E45 on my SD PVR this morning just before 6 for about 25 minutes . It cleared by itself.
Also noticed on the Explora that some of the DMX channels stopped working, couldn't even select them.
Explora 2A (Primary/RF OUT)
Explora 2A (Secondary/RF OUT)
Explora 1 (Secondary/RF OUT)
LMX500 Smart LNB
Pace 4 Tuner(Spare)
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