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Old 2017-03-12 , 15:23
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Default Vuzu & Vuzu Amp - Never watch again CR@P

I am so sick and tired of program changes and rescheduling without warning,together with cancellation of repeats and no warnings or advanced warnings on these 2 channels that I shall give up watching them altogether. Plus, I have to say DStv, re some of the most highly rated TV series that you have allocated to these channels - what the hell are you thinking? Switched at Birth finally returned to our screens - unfortunately on Vuzu. Happily recorded S6: e1 to e5 (ep5 recorded on 07/03/2017) at time slot Tue 00:30 every week for 5 weeks. Suddenly, in week 6 (i.e at 14/03/207), no airing at that time for e6. When I then did a search, via "word search", it appears that e7 is ONLY available on Thu at 20;30 with no repeats (that doesn't suit me) and what the HELL happened to e6???? And then you put "The Fixer" on one of these channels - what are you thinking? Vuzu and Vuzu Amp are the worst channels for continuity and reliability that I have ever encountered. You shouldn't even be advertising them as part of your bouquet of offerings - you are only embarrassing yourselves.
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Old 2017-03-13 , 18:15
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I agree so much with what you are saying. These channels disappoint but that series recording can't even help us is beyond me...
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Old 2017-03-13 , 22:55
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Also missed the last ep of Vampire Diaries series 7 on VUZU, no repeats after Sunday, where as in the past you had a one last chance to record after Sunday. This week nothing. Watched the repeat on VUZU, since missed the start when orginally on a production break. Really messes one around, and I for one cannot watch and check up immediately every night, have to work to afford this
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