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Old 2017-01-24 , 09:20
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Default English Pronunciation

If there's one thing guaranteed to irritate me it's the mispronunciation of names and places. Granted, most of these irritants are generated by those whose first language is not English, but my current BIG annoyance occurs in a DStv advert.

One would think that with the recent media attention centred upon Washington that the name of the river on which it stands has been mentioned more than once. Yet the voice in this advert, outwardly quite English in accent, does not pronounce the first syllable of Potomac correctly. It's almost as if there's an extra 't' in there, making it sound like the small mammal - the Potto.

The Americans may not get a lot right when it comes the use and abuse of English, but I think they can be trusted to pronounce Potomac correctly.

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Old 2017-01-31 , 14:22
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Emjay, don't get me started on this or the bad grammar, the worst culprits are the inane DSTV Price Lock ads."Me and my wife used to fight over the remote" ugh, one always uses the personal pronoun as if the other person weren't there, so it's "My wife and I." Otherwise it's "Me fight over the remote" which is patently wrong. Unfortunately, it's not only the DSTV ads that are guilty, so, so many TV series, movies and other programs regularly fall foul of this very simple rule
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