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Default FAQs about channels on DStv and DStv packages

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the content on DStv - choosing your own channels, repeats and quality of content, etc. Please post any questions not answered to the Forum.

About paying for content that you don’t watch
Instead of thinking about it from the perspective that you pay for channels you don't watch, why don't you rather shift that perspective to think that you pay for the channels you actually watch? When you buy the newspaper you pay the full price even though you only read a few of the sections. Therefore you don't pay for the property section you don't read - you pay for the sections you actually read.
There are many more parallel examples - you don't use every single machine and every piece of equipment in the gym yet you pay the same gym fees as someone who's there for hours every day. Economies of scale is a vital part of making a consumer economy work and making things that should be luxury items more affordable for more people.

Why you can’t choose your own channels or create your own DStv package
We understand that you feel you’d save more money if you could choose only the channels you want to watch. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It’s actually more cost effective to structuring channels into packages. Choosing your own package with your own channel selection would mean you’d end up paying more than you are now (and for just a few channels). That’s why we offer a range of packages with different fees and channel combinations – to cater for the viewing choice and pocket of a wide range of customers

About repeats and quality of content
Only about 20% of DStv customers have PVRs – this means a certain level of repeats are necessary to accommodate these customers.
DStv Premium customers get access to every single channel available on the DStv platform. This means that they also see channels that repeat content which have been premiered on Premium channels eg series that appeared on M-Net which is only available to Premium customers, will be screened later on M-Net Series Zone which is available to DStv Compact, Extra and Premium customers.
However there is a large percentage of new content on DStv on a monthly basis. It’s interesting that customers who have a PVR complain that they don't have enough time to watch everything on their Catch Up service or that they've recorded; whilst customers with single view decoders complain there’s nothing to watch and too many repeats. Sitting down in front of the TV every night and ‘surfing’ between 10 channels is not the way to get the most value out of your DStv service.
There is a lot of great content on DStv with many never-before-seen movies and brand new series every month. It really is just a matter of putting in some effort to discover that content.

Planning your viewing
We have a number of resources available to help you plan your viewing:
On your decoder, you can press the OK button to access Dish on TV for programme and highlight information
On the DStv website, you can access the Series Calendar for lists of new or returning series on all the DStv channels in the next month, the Movie Calendar lists all the movies on DStv in the next month. You can also subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletters which will send highlights directly to your inbox. The link for all of these are available at the bottom of the homepage.
On social media, our DStv facebook page publishes weekly programming highlights. You can also access our 8-day TV guide from your wap-enabled mobile phone or download the android or apple applications from

More FAQs are available from the DStv website:
To find out more about our different products and services go to

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