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Old 2017-02-07 , 17:33
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Angry La Liga on SS Channels

What's the idea of showing one La Liga match on two Supersport Premium channels, i.e. SS5 and 12 or SS7 and 12?
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Old 2017-02-08 , 07:25
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I think usually rights and regional-interest related - for instance "SS5" does not always carry the same feed in all southern African countries, non-S.A. uses the not always identical SS5A on a different channel number and sometimes their feed is altered for their priority, such as for a local live game. Then SS12 is also needed, and S.A. SS5 is still needed as local viewers expect the game on that channel.
AFAIK SS12 was made for ROA (Rest Of Africa) and we're just sometimes benefiting from it as well now.

EDIT: Separate region feeds for all the sports channels couldn't be cost effective so not the solution, and it can all be even more complicated anyway if for instance country B has a different local priority game to country C at the same time.

Another example we've had for many years is our same mainstream channel broadcasts being found on 221 SS Maximo 1 at the same time - that's even more complex as in our area of Africa the channel is mostly designed as mainstream for Mozambique and Angola which are on the other mostly for more northern countries satellites system. From S.A.'s perspective it's an extra channel.

That's as much as I understand about it. Complicated stuff, I wouldn't worry about it.

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