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Old 2017-09-06 , 17:41
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Originally Posted by JeanP View Post
How weird. Your tv watching ways sounds almost exactly like mine. Almost down to the finest details
Seems like this is what a lot of us appear to be doing? Record lots of the "good sounding" new series and then possibly deleting them after an episode or two. So, yes, JeanP, it seems that you and MC Brenda are not alone in the way you record, and watch, tv shows.

Over the years I've come to ignore the hype that comes with most new shows as very few of them actually live up to their publicity. Record them nevertheless and most times get disappointed fairly early on resulting in the cancellation of any future recordings.
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Old 2017-09-06 , 18:00
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You said it BB.
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Old 2017-09-08 , 14:01
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I first Google to check how a series fared in the US. If there are more than 8 episodes but the series was cancelled I will give the 1st episode a try before deciding. Any series cancelled before it really gets going seldom gets my attention. On the other hand try having a playlist with total recordings at 50% only to have the Explora's hard drive go corrupt and BOOM you lose EVERYTHING!! That's the only time repeats come in handy.
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Old 2017-09-08 , 16:29
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Sadly, what gets deleted isn't always not to my taste. I just don't have enough time, so have to sometimes cull even the great shows and hope to catch them another time.
PS : I have lost two PVRs to lightning. My love for Catch Up and the odd repeats of series at a later stage know no bounds
Have a great weekend guys.
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