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Default Explora 2 and Explora in XtraView

Can someone please help me, I do not know if it is a setting or a faulty cable or a fault switch. I had a Explorer with a SD PVR in extra view. This morning I exchanged the SD PVR for a new Explorer 2. I also bought a new switch as they said the old 5-1 switch will not work. I then connected the new switch, the twin LNB cables going into V/L and H/L then port A going into the new Explorer 2 and port B going into the Old Explorer. When I connected port A to Explorer 2 everything seems to work fine, I could watch TV and tuner status on Tuner 1 is 98 / 100 on tuner 2 it is 0 /0 and on tuner 3 it is 90 / 100, as soon as I connect port B to the Explorer the TV image distorts and the little blue light on the switch flickers on and off, the tuner status also jumps from 98 /100 to 0 /0 as the blue light flickers. I tried to switch the cables around putting port B cabal to Explorer 2 works fine but connecting port 1 to the Old explorer gives the same result, so I do not think it is the cables between the switch and the explorer and using different ports C or D same result.

At multi-choice office they did change the Explorer 2 to be the master but I did not have the Explorer with me so could it be settings there.

Please help or should I get an installer for this.
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You need to change the user band Indexes and associated Frequencies on one of the Exploras (do all the Indexes first).
See the attached table in Smart LNB (SLNB) installations and settings which also applies to your needs.
With your Twin LNB & Explora Switch arrangement you may need to share tuner 3 which is ok.

Note that your installation is not future proof, for receiving future Hi Band services as well you will either need to upgrade your LNB to a Quad LNB, or get a Smart LNB (SLNB) (which also ends the need for an Explora Switch).

I'm not available to assist further, hopefully this section's Mod and others will return soon.

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