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Default Why are DStv Catch Up shows missing from my PVR?

Please read this before asking about missing shows.

I've decided to make this a sticky because we get a lot of the same questions about content missing from DStv Catch Up on PVRs and the answer is usually the same.

Missing shows are generally an issue on 2-tuner PVRs (i.e. SD-PVRs and HD-PVR 2Ps). This is because Tuner 1 on these devices is used for live TV while Tuner 2 is used for everything else like recordings, DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice.

4-tuner HD PVRs and Exploras are less likely to miss shows because there are two tuners dedicated to recordings, which frees up an entire tuner to receive Catch Up and BoxOffice content. But 4-tuner PVRs and Exploras are not immune to missing shows.

The truth is that there are many reasons why a show (or multiple shows) may be missing from your PVR's Catch Up playlist:

1 - Recordings

PVRs are programmed to give your recordings preference, so if you have a 2-tuner, or SD PVR and you have a recording scheduled for the same time that we send an Catch Up show to your PVR, the download will be rejected in favour of your recording.

We usually repeat downloads to try and avoid this from happening, but sometimes you might not receive an Catch Up show if you have multiple concurrent recordings on the go or if you're recording something that is long (like a movie).

For more info about downloads and repeat cycles - please read this:

2 - Signal quality (installation issues)

In order to receive DStv Catch Up shows and BoxOffice movies, your PVR's signal QUALITY needs to be above 90% and it has to remain consistent. We recommend >95%.

If your signal QUALITY fluctuates or is less than 95% there is a very strong chance that you may not receive all your Catch Up shows and BoxOffice movies.

In order to check the signal status:

- On your DStv Remote.
- Press MENU
- Select INFORMATION and press OK
- Check signal QUALITY at the bottom of the screen

HD PVRs (2-tuner & 4-tuner)
- On your DStv Remote.
- Press MENU
- Select SIGNAL STATUS and press OK
- Scroll right to display Tuner-2 on the HD PVR 2P or Tuner-4 on the 4-Tuner HD-PVR
- Check signal QUALITY at the bottom of the screen

DStv Explora
- Press the BLUE DStv button on your remote
- Scroll RIGHT to SETTINGS and press OK
- Select Satellite Settings and press OK
- Select Home Network and press OK
- Select User Band and check "Tuner 3 band frequency"

If you are encountering poor signal QUALITY (even if your signal strength is 100%), you need to call our call centre to help you trouble shoot the possible cause, or call out an accredited DStv installer to check your installation as it could also be a problem with your dish alignment or LNB.

This can affect 2- and 4-tuner PVRs and also Exploras.

3 - Weather

Poor weather can affect the download of shows to DStv Catch Up. If a download is interrupted by weather (either here at Randburg HO or on your side of the country), a "damaged" or "incomplete" download will be rejected by your PVR.

This can affect SD, 2- and 4-tuner PVRs and also Exploras.

4 - Power outages/load shedding

If your PVR is off (i.e. no power), it will not receive DStv Catch Up or BoxOffice downloads. Your PVR (no matter the model) needs to be on or, at least, in standby all the time to receive all your shows and movies.

If you do happen to have a power failure in your area you will unfortunately not receive the shows scheduled for download at that specific time.

5 - Dual LNB

The minimum installation requirement for any PVR is a dual LNB installed on your satellite dish. If you do not have a dual LNB on your dish, you will not receive both the live TV and Catch Up/BoxOffice streams that are required to run a PVR effectively.

If you have questions about your installation, it's best to speak to an accredited installer to make sure that your installation and equipment meets the minimum requirements for running a PVR.

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