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Old 2017-09-15 , 22:04
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Default DSTV Triple view

Hi, I am not sure to what forum I should post this to, but I've got triple view to my home, main Explora 1, plus 2 HD 4U decoders, 1 to bar and 1 to flatlet, Can I transfer my main Explora to my holiday home, when on holiday and keep other 2 decoders working, or do I need separate account for holiday home.

If this is not the right place please direct me.
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Old 2017-09-16 , 08:13
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This forum section is for casual discussions among ourselves, but no problem and a Mod will maybe move your thread to the Customer Service section sometime.

It is not possible for the two secondary decoders to work without the primary decoder being connected, they will switch off within 30 minutes afterwards.

You could have MC break (or alter) the XtraView (XV) arrangement each and every time you want to take the primary with you, and then reconnect all on your return, but that is just giving you and all others involved big headaches.

Suggest you get an extra holiday home decoder which can then be turned on and off as needed.

I'll leave anything else you may ask to others, I've not had much experience here with holiday home accounts and their workings. But its use should be straight forward in your case if taking my separate decoder advice.
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Old 2017-09-16 , 08:46
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I suspect you may also be interested in this suggestion to MC: Recorded content for the Holiday Home
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