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Default Launch of new software for DStv Exploras and DStv HD Decoders (single view) - April

We’re updating software on the DStv Explora, DStv Explora 2 and DStv HD Decoders (single view) during the month of April.

The new software will be sent to Exploras between Tuesday, 25 and Thursday, 27 April 2017. The software includes restoration of recordings, enhancements to SmartAds and fixes for some known issues (see list below).

The new software will also be sent to DStv HD decoders between Wednesday, 26 and Friday, 28 April 2017. It’s the same software version as Exploras, but excludes restoration of recordings as these decoders have no recording capacity, and also enhancement to SmartAds.

1. When will the software update be released for Explora Decoders?

Between Tuesday, 25 and Thursday, 27 April 2017

The software is sent to decoders in a staggered roll out – you can expect to have the new version of the software no later than 28 April 2017.

2. How will these changes affect DStv Explora decoders?

We are implementing the ability to restore recordings – this function will enable customers to transfer recorded content from one Explora to another. This is a function performed at our service centres, so will not be visible to customers.

In which instances can content be transferred between Exploras?
• The DStv Explora decoder hard drive must be in perfect working condition
• Recordings on the Playlist can be transferred from a DStv Explora to another DStv Explora or a DStv Explora 2, or from a DStv Explora 2 to another DStv Explora 2

NB: Content cannot be transferred from DStv Explora 2 to DStv Explora.

In instances where content on the DStv Explora is more than what the DStv Explora 2 can accommodate, customers will need to choose the content they would like to transfer.

This procedure can take a few days. The walk-in centre will SMS the customer once the transfer is complete.

SmartAds are already part of our DStv Catch Up service – this is the advert that plays before the show starts to play. This software update enhances how these are delivered to decoders. Customers might notice that the numeric countdown is missing.

Fixes for some known issues
• Customer Playlist:
o Episodes will not be duplicated or appear blank in a stack of series recordings.

• Settings:
o The Explora Ethernet Settings manual IP settings will be retained after the decoder reboots.
o The mute volume level will be restored after a reboot.

• Showmax:
o The Showmax Parental Guidance rating will now be displayed.
o The Showmax viewed icon or watched tick will now display on all shows after they have already been viewed.
o Users will not be randomly signed out of their Showmax account.

• Performance:
o Random freezes and non-response from the remote on some DStv HD Decoders is resolved.

3. What is the Loader Version of this software to confirm that their decoder has been updated successfully?

The new Loader Versions for this software is:

DStv Explora L69
DStv Explora 2 L15
DStv HD 4U L33
DStv HD 4S L33
DStv HD 4S2 (This model has the wording UHF on top of the P- and P+ buttons on the front panel of the decoder). L11

To access this screen on the DStv Explora and DStv HD Decoder, please press:
The Loader Version will be listed on the Loader Details screen.
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