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Arrow Explora Switch (ES) / Smart Switch installations and settings

This is just a repeat of info posted elsewhere, done to allow for easier finding of this specific info.

Sharing of the User Band Index for tuner 3 is no longer fully possible if both the Explora 1 and Explora 2A are in the mix as they use different transponders for the VOD stream. Only if there are 2 or 3 x model 1, OR, 2 or 3 x model 2A involved can those two or three share.

Which Indexes are chosen and their order is not important, just generally prevent the sharing of Indexes.
All of an Explora's Index settings are best done first, then the associated Frequency settings.
Also note that some Frequencies differ between the Smart LNB (SLNB) & 24-1Z Smart Switch and the older 5-1 & 5-2 Explora Switches, the details re the older switches are given below.

Note that the latest Explora Switch (ES), the "24-1Z", is also called the Smart Switch by MC.

Smart Switch (etc) - indexes' frequencies.jpg

(For the best related LNB choices, as far as future needs go as well, please see: Preparing for Hi Band (NOT an immediate need) )

The 24-1Z version switch offers 24 User Bands (indexes 0 to 23).

The 5-1 and 5-2 versions can only use the first 5 indexes (0 to 4), and note that with these two switch versions for index 3 you instead must use frequency 1892, and index 4 instead must use frequency 2040.
(Also note that the 5-1 switch does not have any markings on it about what version it is.)

If need be, two (*or three) Exploras of the same model can share their tuner 3's index of choice (older Exploras are called model 1, newer Exploras are called model 2A).
*But three Exploras is only possible with the 24-1Z switch, not with the older 5-1 or 5-2 switch (unless 2 older switches are cascaded - not recommended).

Lastly, even two Exploras is not recommended with the oldest 5-1 switch.
If you must try, make sure the unicable output cables are the same length and are kept short (both Exploras in the same room then).

Contributions to this thread are only meant to be from Mods and seriously involved senior Forumites.
Please don't otherwise post in this thread.
Questions and comments in another thread are always very welcome.

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