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Default DSTV Explora installation with single/unicable LNB

Hi There.

I'm new to the forum.
I have recently moved into a new complex that only has a single LNB port from the wall.
I've read that the DSTV Explora cannot be installed unless you have two LNB ports, however in one of the forums I was reading(not this one) a lady had a similar problem and managed to resolve it. This sparked some hope in me and In a last ditch effort I would like to know if it is possible to install my DSTV Explora even if I have a unicable LNB ? I currently have a MS (24-1Z) which I used at my previous complex

Thank you

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You need to find out from the BC what the settings are for receiving DSTV programs and then see if all the channels will be available on the single feed, fed into the existing 24-1Z switch you have, and the decoders then appropriately programmed . You may just be lucky and get away with it.

The alternative would be to program the Explora directly with the settings received from the BC.
All depends on if the installation has been upgraded t receive all MC channels.
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