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Default Frequently asked questions about EPG and on air errors

Below are the most commonly asked questions about the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) and about quality errors on the broadcast. If you experience any other issues, please post your questions to the Forum.

About the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

Why are certain programmes on the EPG rated 18?
If a channel does not give us ratings for each show, our system automatically assisnt an 18 restriction.

Why are there so many last minute changes on the EPG?
Despite the best planning, programming changes do happen and we need to honour those changes by updating the EPG wherever we can. We try to limit these last-minute changes as we understand the impact on recordings you have set.

Why are our themes (genres) different to content we find on the internet?
We work off the content supplied from our channel partners. At times this will differ from content you find on the internet. In keeping with our consistency policy, we have to go with the information provided by our channel partners.

About problems with picture quality

Why does the picture always scramble when it rains?
Even the most reliable satellite communications technology can sometimes be out-matched by the forces of nature. It’s a phenomenon known as “rain fade” – a weakening of the satellite signal as it passes through raindrops. This causes the picture to break up.
Rain fade won’t happen every time it rains and won’t impact all the channels – it usually only happens with very heavy rainstorms.
Unfortunately there is nothing that MultiChoice can do to address this. As soon as the storm clears, your viewing will be restored.
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