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Default 181 - SBR metadata error

Hi Trisan & co.,

Next Sunday night's episode of Origins: The Journey Of Humankind on NatGeo has a fault with its SBR metadata, it's not being picked up for recording scheduling by my Explora model 1's SBR for the series.
It's S01E05 "Progress Of War".

Why are these mistakes not being well enough checked for please?? There should be no need for the public to be the ones finding these occasional errors.
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Old 2017-04-24 , 18:06
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Thanks for reporting. It should be picked up by your decoder over the course of tomorrow. The problem was created by the channel updating the running order to correct the error you previously reported. Currently there isn't a system in place to pick up this particular kind of error, we do have a monitoring team, but they don't get to every channel. You do make a good point, I'll look into a way to try to avoid this in the future.
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