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Old 2017-04-19 , 11:24
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Default Single Tuner PVR

I was wondering if MC have ever considered producing a single tuner PVR decoder? Now I know many might scoff at this idea, but there are I think valid reasons to consider such a device

Currently (in this country at least), there just does not seem to be any way of recording television programs other than using a DSTV PVR, but the cost of the device, together with the "access fee" make this rather unattractive (In fact, I will never buy a current PVR due to this fee).

There may be those people out there who, like me, simply want a device that will allow them to pause/forward/rewind live TV, and to record items to view later, but who do not want to pay almost R100 extra a month just to be able to use these functions. A single tuner would mean no extra environment, and therefore no fee. It would also not require additional costly installation if you already have DSTV as your current LNB would suffice

Call it the Explora Lite - I won't even charge commission for the idea
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Old 2017-04-19 , 12:17
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Unfortunately according to our content rights, the recording capacity on your PVR is considered a second viewing environment and will therefore attract the Access Fee.

Remember the Access Fee gives you access to an additional viewing environment without having to pay a second subscription. That viewing environment can be through another decoder connected in XtraView or through the recording capacity of your PVR.

So even if we were to make a single tuner, content rights will mean you will still pay the additional Access Fee.

We would not be able to bring the cost of the device itself down by much - the cost does not lie in how many tuners it has. So you would end up with a lesser Explora that does far less for basically the same price as you would pay for an Explora with all the bells and whistles.

There are some fantastic deals available for Exploras that have brought the costs down significantly and also include installation. You can check these out on
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Old 2017-04-19 , 13:35
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Thanks for the feedback, MC_Marietjie - it was just a thought
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