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Old 2017-02-17 , 15:52
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At least we know they can't take it too far, that would open the door too much to competition...
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Old 2017-02-18 , 15:54
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Originally Posted by SS Sandile View Post
Please find attached all the tennis for this year.
Most timings are still TBC.
Unfortunately we do not have rights to the WTA.
That is quite disappointing. Hopefully next year we will get this.
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Old 2017-02-19 , 07:17
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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
At least we know they can't take it too far, that would open the door too much to competition...
The door is already wide open...they don't seem to realise it or don't care. The younger and more tech savvy generation is moving away.

Btw, nowhere have I seen an announcement to the public (even on the SS website) that there will be no more WTA in future. It was just like... o here's the tennis schedule for the year and btw, no more WTA
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This is a serious issue. I see the light side of it but I guess we need to engage SS. One could even argue since SA is about quotas, that there should be a quota of every sport shown on TV. Every Sport cannot attract the same kind of ratings;In the same vein every subscriber is not necessarily a fan of the mass sports therefore there has to be a level of subsidy across the boards because what it is happening now is the small niches are subsidizing the bigger ones which quite doesn't make sense it should be the opposite.

If SS cannot do that then they should look into Pay per view or customized packages to ensure everyone gets something out of the subscriptions. I would love to hear from the other moderators as well.
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