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Old 2017-07-11 , 10:03
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Default Explora 2 and HD PVR 2P xtraview

Hi there

I currently have a HD PVR 2P + 1131 xtraview set-up. (With twin LNB)

I've purchased a new Explora 2 and Smart LNB (LMX501) to replace my 1131 Decoder.

How do I now connect the Explora 2 and HD PVR 2P to the smart LNB and what would the userband settings be?

HB will be as corrently via RF.

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Old 2017-07-11 , 10:23
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My current setup is exactly that, Explora 2A primary and Pace 2p Extra View.

The Pace 2P was left at the default 0 and 1 user bands the Explora 2A uses user bands 4,5 and 6. The home network was done by the local MC agent at the time and is working well.

Explra connected to port A and 2p to B
Explora 2A + Pace HD PVR 2P XV LMX 501 SLNB 80cm Dish Vodacom Power Tab 10
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Old 2017-07-17 , 11:47
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Agree .settings as per Jan are correct .
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Old 2017-09-02 , 02:17
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Did you manage to get everything working, please share your decoder settings

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Old 2017-09-02 , 09:29
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@Installers2015 - this is very troubling, how does a group of people claiming to be installers for at least 2 years not understand such basic setups and settings???
And then to have the nerve to ask the public to help you learn?! In the 2 years you've been a member here you couldn't find that info??

Tell you what, in the hope that it does enough good for those you're affecting and to give you the benefit of the doubt I'll point you in the right directions once, but not again.
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Old 2017-09-02 , 12:19
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And now, a bit on the side of non-accredited installers and for those doing DIY - some info is not made clear in the industry, so to help here's what is important (has also been added to the first 2 threads listed above);

1. The sharing of the User Band Index for tuner 3 is no longer fully possible if both the Explora 1 and Explora 2A are in the mix as they use different transponders for the VOD stream. Only if there are 2 or 3 x model 1, OR, 2 or 3 x model 2A involved can those two or three share. (All such installers should have realised this by now.)
2. Which Indexes are chosen and their order is not important, just generally prevent the sharing of Indexes.
3. All of an Explora's Index settings are best done first, then the associated Frequency settings.
4. Also note that some Frequencies
differ between the Smart LNB (SLNB) & 24-1Z Smart Switch and the older 5-1 & 5-2 Explora Switches. (All such installers should have noticed this in the supplied documentation.)

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