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Default Problems and poor service regarding annual subscription

I pay my DSTV premium subscription annually, which runs from July to July each year. My subscription was due for renewal on 3 July 2017 and payment was due on that same day. In May I started getting smse saying please pay R934 before 03/06. On checking my DSTV account online I found my account was showing balance due R10968 due on 3 June 2017, even thought I was paid up in full until 3 July 2017.

After querying it via email the amount was changed to balance due R10036 on 3 July 2017. This was in line with what my annual premium subscription + decoder insurance is for one year, which was R10034, in fact R2 less then the amount shown but I left it at that.

Then when I logged in to my account on 28 June, to pay my account it showed a new amount due of R10945. I emailed again so they could rectify the problem, just to find that the amount due changed again to show R20070 amount due on 3 July. After emailing again about the change of amount I got a phone call telling me not worry about it and that the amount will be correct on the 3rd when payment is due.

So on the 3rd I logged in to my account, just to find that nothing changed and that the amount due was still R20070. I emailed again and got a response that due to a system error the request couldn't be done to correct the amount and that I should pay via EFT. I declined that and said I wanted to pay by credit card on the website so it could go through and show immediately on their side.

I then proceeded to make payment through the website by going into my account and clicking on the Pay Now button, which took me to PayU where I changed the amount from R20070 to the correct R10036 and made the payment. It went through and showed on my bank account as MULTICHOICE MOBI PAYMENT RANDBURG the next day.

The next day I got an email telling me my billing has been rectified and that I need to pay R11302.94 effective 03/07/17.
Once again I replied to the email asking where they got that amount from and told them that I already paid my account last night, the R10036 for a years subscription, then I got an email back telling me the correct amount is R10061.84 and that payment is not reflecting on the account.

This really got my blood boiling and for the umpteenth time I emailed back, showing them the correct amount which I needed to pay, as well as that I paid via credit card on the website and also sent a screenshot of the proof of payment on my bank statement.
Got an email back saying they will escalate it to the accounts department.

Since then I haven't heard back yet. Only after emailing them on 8 July again regarding not being able to stream anything from the dstv app or supersport app, telling me streaming is only available to Premium subscribers when I try to, even thought I have never had any issue streaming and the fact that I am a premium subscriber paid in full for a years subscription, I just got a reply telling me my DStv services have been activated, but still I'm unable to stream. Also logging into my account it still says amount due R11309,71 due 2 July 2017.

Anyway so that is my story regarding how pathetic the DSTV account system is on their website, as well as the poor customer service with a different person replaying every time I reply on their email with the same problem. 10 different people to be precise and every time I have to explain the situation over again in each email sent.
Why can't just one person deal an sort out the problem, instead of 10 different people getting nothing resolved?

I still don't know if my account is sorted out now, because it still shows I'm due R11309,71 on my account and I'm still unable to stream anything.

So please can someone sort this out and get back to me with what the situation is with my account, because emailing dstv doesn't get me anywhere. Here is the Enquiry Reference Number: 8868415
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Please can you PM your account and contact details to me, and I will have my team look into your query urgently.
Have a wonderful day
MCA CCS Natasha
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