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Default Important announcement: Scams targeting our DStv customers

There’s been a surge in the number of scams targeting our DStv customers in the recent weeks. Scammers use various tactics to either defraud customers of their money or to get customers’ personal information.

Hints and tips to help you identify a scam
While some scams are difficult to identify, there are usually tell-tale signs that can help you spot if something is a scam. Like receiving an email or SMS from us claiming that you’ve won a huge prize for a DStv competition you never entered and for which you must either pay a fee or verify yourself by sending your personal details – sounds too good to be true? It probably is.

MultiChoice will never request your personal details via email or SMS – please do not hand over your personal information to anyone claiming to be from DStv. Also, do not make payments directly to an individual claiming they are from MultiChoice or DStv – use one of our direct platforms to make your payments to your DStv account

Always check the email address and emails containing spelling and grammatical errors. MultiChoice has its own domains for its emails ( so we would never send an email from a hotmail, gmail, outlook, or similar account.

If you receive something that you think is a scam or if you’re not sure whether something is legitimately from MultiChoice, please send an email on or contact us on Twitter @DStv or Facebook/DStv or on our DStv Forum.

We publish all known scams on Self-Service on

Scams that are currently doing the rounds:

Phishing scam
Customers receive an email informing them that they’ve won a cash gift card or huge sums of prize money from a MultiChoice competition or that they’re being rewarded huge sums of money for being loyal DStv customers. The email then asks the customer to provide their personal details in order to claim the prize.

DStv Premium upgrade scam
Scammers are approaching our customers offering them DStv Premium upgrades. They offer DStv Premium for a fixed once off fee per year where the customer pays the fee directly to the scammer.

Please note that you can upgrade your DStv account online at any time, do not believe anyone claiming to upgrade your account on your behalf. Always make your payments directly to MultiChoice through these payment methods

DStv installation scam
Scammers posing as DStv accredited installers are offering customers unrealistic DStv services like free package upgrades or free DStv for life for a minimal once off fee.
DStv offers 6 subscription packages that you can choose from. If someone offers you a discounted DStv subscription at a once off payment, treat this with suspicion and check it with us.
To check if someone is a DStv accredited installer – ask them for their DStv ID card, which specifies their qualification as well as the accredited company they work for. You can also check on under installers.
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Originally Posted by MC Lindi View Post
DStv offers 6 subscription packages that you can choose from.
Including the Indian and Portuguese packages, it's 8.

Hopefully Forumites will always report these incidents, and if we have an email "header" that we can submit by PM it helps MC further in investigating the culprits.
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