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Default HDPVR Freezes

This is my first time posting here, so please excuse my ignorance!

I recently installed two Pace HD PVR's on ExtraView, and removed my two DSD1131's. A twin LNB now feeds a 2x4 Multi-Switch, which then feeds the two PVR's.

The primary PVR works fine, without any issues. The secondary PVR however, "freezes" under certain conditions:

When the Catch-Up menu is selected.
When the Box-Office menu is selected.
When switching between the music and TV channels.
When waking from standby mode.

When "frozen" the live TV channel that was last selected shows, with a flashing information bar and broken audio. In this state the unit does not respond to any remote or front panel commands. Holding the reset button in causes a reset, which usually fixes the problem... until Box-Office or Catch-Up is selected.

I have already tried flash resetting the PVR, with both methods described on this forum. The unit has been acting this way since the installation, I thought the problem might sort itself out with a SW update, but after a month it still acts the same.
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