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Default Updated Software for HD PVR's

Software has been downloaded to HD PVR's

1.What decoders will this be applicable to and what will be the new load versions?

UEC 4 Tuner L 68
UEC 2 Tuner L 12
PACE 4 Tuner L 74
PACE 2 Tuner L 39

What improvements/fixes have been made
 DStv Catch Up titles are pre-maturely deleted before expiry time.

 After leaving the PVR in standby or on live viewing for a few days without pressing any Remote Control/Front Panel buttons, the following may be experienced:
o My PVR does not download any new BoxOffice movies or Catch Up titles
o My PVR has no/few BoxOffice or Catch Up titles available
o My PVR shows the E01/E02 error in BoxOffice

Recording Fixes:
 User recording gets deleted/disappears from the recording playlist automatically without any user intervention

What new features are in this release?
 DStv OnDemand is now rebranded as “Catch UP” on HD PVR.
 BoxOffice listing screen has a new default poster image.
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