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Default HD PVR: More info on Audio Levelling

Audio levelling was not done across channels but rather between soundtracks, eg. Surround Sound and English Family and between the various outlets. So, if you change your Soundtrack from English Family to Surround Sound the volume difference is not as big as it was on previous versions of software.

Unfortunately the volume levels still differ from channel to channel, from ad break to ad break and from programme to programme. There is nothing we can do from a decoder software point of view to compensate for this as we broadcast video and audio as we receive it from our Content Providers.

This is also very predominant on Channel 172, which you may have experienced.

Unlike other channels, Discovery HD (Channel 172) carries only one audio track from the source, which is a Dolby Digital (AC3) soundtrack. Some of the newer TVs support AC3 (Surround Sound) decoding and some are unable to.

In the case where a TV can decode an AC3 soundtrack, the decoder remote control will not allow you to change volume via the decoder and you will need to use the TV remote to change volume (as digital audio volume cannot be controlled from the decoder).

In the case where the TV cannot synch with AC3, the decoder remote control can be used to control the volume as the AC3 signal will be down mixed to normal stereo.

If you prefer using one remote control, please refer to your Remote Control Manual for advice on how to program the decoder remote.

With all the different TV Models, Surround Sound Systems, Amplifiers, Game Controllers and technology changing by the day, it is virtually impossible for us to accommodate every combination set-up by our customer base.

We have a few workarounds we can suggest.

When using the SPDIF output we recommend that you set your decoder volume to FULL. The volume on your Surround Sound System must then be adjusted and not the volume on the decoder. Please refer to the Remote Control User Manual to program the remote control should you prefer only using one remote control.

Please make sure that your Surround Sound default setting is correct for your setup. If your setting is “Auto”, the decoder will play out the Surround Sound track on any channel that has it available (like MNET, MNETHD, movie channels, some sport channels), if your TV or amp supports AC3/Surround Sound decoding.

To access the Personalised Menu :

• Press the MENU button from any Video screen
• Highlight Personalised (Number 3)
• Press OK to select
• Scroll down by using the UP/DOWN arrows to the Surround Sound option
• Press the RIGHT/ LEFT arrows to change to the desired option
• Press OK to save the settings.

To change your Soundtrack on a specific Channel :

• Press the LANGUAGE Button on the decoder remote control

• The highlight will be the default Language
• Select the desired option
• Press OK to select

Please keep in mind that these settings will only be valid for the specific channel that the changes are made on, therefore if you change channels, the Soundtrack will change along with the audio levels.
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