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Default PVR reboots every day

I have read a lot on the forum and no one seems to have found a solution.
I have a PVR HD 2 still under warranty, and it is connected only to a TV via an amp, no 2nd decoder.
I always turn up the volume to 100% and control it with the amp, so i know that the PVR has rebooted when I am not watching it. The AMP is off when I am not watching
The PVR reboots at least once a day and sometimes when I am watching live or recorded programs. It clicks and then goes through the reboot process and the picture returns but the volume is back to 50%.
There is no pattern that I can see.
I have taken it back to the service centre in Randburg and it of course, behaves itself when it is there. The first time I was given another PVR but that did not sort it and this time I only swapped the power supply, JIC. The same issue even with a new PSU.
The agent suggested that it is losing signal and I cannot accept this because my signal strength is 100%. Anyway, why should it reboot if it loses signal? When the signal is washed out by rain, the PVR does not reboot.

Has ANYONE got any ideas on the cause and more relevant, how can it be fixed?
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Short answer, no there are no defoinitive solutions to this problem - yet.

And we all agree, the "normal" answer of it being "signal loss" or "its your install" is worn themselves out, none of us fall for either one anymore.
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