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Old 2014-04-20 , 09:22
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Default Faulty user-info in the early hours, every day

This post has much to do with the EPG but doesn't belong in that section, it's software related.

We've had our 2U for quite a long time now. Many early mornings between 01:00 and 02:00 a couple of us like to prepare for the next lot of viewing items, I'm sure we're far from alone in finding this to be the best quiet time. On every occasion we have the same problem, why has this never been picked up on and fixed???

1. The EPG: After the new day's info is loaded around this time of the morning the EPG still calls today "Tomorrow". This only comes right a few hours later.
Very confusing!
Furthermore, try going back a page in the entries, from any viewed day and any displayed time period - not possible!

2. The Search Facility: Even worse, during this period this feature's results displays Today, Tomorrow, Monday etc. (example is for early this Sunday morning) as if it's still yesterday, "Monday" should be displayed as "Tuesday" etc.!
But when looking at the extended i-Plate for any of these results' entries the correct day / date is displayed.

Not good programming, not good system analysis, not good fault control.
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feedback from the team

This is the window when the new day’s data starts building- which takes +/- 30 minutes to complete. Then each guide is compiled again after the feed has been completed.
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What this actually means then is that during this window, users should not be trying to schedule new recordings?

What happens to recordings scheduled to take place in this window?
it also means the new EPG is not available until ? when? Is it "safe" then to expect the "new" EPG is complete after 01:00?
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