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Old 2014-04-15 , 18:08
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Default Faulty MC clock

Please be advised that I just witnessed the HD PVR 2U's clock go from 18:00 today to 00:03 tomorrow!

This ended a recording early, which was reported as being stopped by the viewer (code 0x80001).

A couple of minutes later the clock came right again.
Is anything reliable anymore?!

For ref.: was recording 117, watching 180.
Old 2014-04-15 , 18:29
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And @ 18:28 it's rebooting. Related?
Old 2014-04-15 , 19:32
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Well we were watching candles burn and the no power life can't confirm or deny.
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Can you provide us with signal strength and quality for tuner 1 and tuner 2 - also let me know if it is fluctuating.
Old 2014-04-16 , 17:26
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100% and 100% on both tuners on all channels, no fluctuation.
Old 2014-04-16 , 18:18
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I should point out that although I'm not in the habit of looking at the time and date displayed on screen I've never seen this before on this decoder, but I recall a previous issue once last year when I think a recording also failed supposedly due to a user ending it which never happened.
(This decoder's use is carefully controlled in our environment due to not being able to lock scheduled recordings without resultant problems.)

Although there are no other reports of this here please note that there has been a recent report of scheduled recordings changing their date on another type of decoder.
Old 2014-04-17 , 07:52
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I came home last night to find TV2 with the E38-32 error message on the screen and a time line showing what looked like a long signal outage (black bar )

Yet a recording was going on on the very channel apparently affected by signal loss.

Changing channels from ch 192 by pressing the P + (up) key took me straight to 198.

Going back down one channel at a time took me through all the channels back to 192, where now the buffer tineline was complete and I could rewind and view what was apparently "not available" before. The E38-32 error message now dissapeared of its own accord. No reboot or any action required -

Yes a very strange set of events, which on my side has shown up where ALL settings set themselves to be in May, which means the recordings all fail until one realises the date and times have somehow chnaged.

TBR Recordings so affected ( even if the dates and times are fixed) no tend to appear on the recordings list with a duration of 0 minutes. When the recording is played back, then ones sees the recording is complete. Typically the recordings are accompanied by the warning triangle and are listed as partial. Some even appear in the cancelled list even though the recording has been sucessful.

There is no way that all of this can suddenly start happening by itself, or be triggered by an "installation issue". there isonly on explanation Something is being changed by MC - even a new s/w download could be taking place in the background without it being recorded as an official s/w upgrade.

What is annoying is thta MC tries to keep this under wraps, fails to provide some information and assurances to its user base.

A simple statement that "maintenance " is being done on the SD PVRs with a suggested course of cation for users to do would be better than this continual veil of secrecy of what is going on.

PS: My SD PVR still reports that it is paired with the wrong Primary SC number ----
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Old 2014-04-21 , 19:17
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It seems it's impossible to get away from this forum, how can we not report this...

It appears related to this thread's issue.
On the 2U we have two weekly recurring TBRs set for Monday nights, one from 19:57 to 21:12 recording ch. 113, the other from 21:57 to 23:12 also recording ch. 113.

Around 17:00 tonight I checked on them, all appeared normal.
About an hour or so later after watching a recorded movie on this decoder, went back to the scheduled recordings list to do something and found they had vanished!
Looking further there they were on the next page, now dated for next week Monday the 28th!

Tried a reboot, no effect.
Have now manually reset them to "start" tonight, will see what happens.
(The one for 19:57 is the premiere of a new series but that should have no effect whatsoever with a TBR and was initially set weeks ago.)

Old 2014-04-21 , 21:13
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The first TBR has recorded ok and thereafter was automatically set for next week as normal. Presume the same re the second one.

What may make sense here is that if the clock somehow temporarily jumped forward again then the TBRs would have been considered post the events by the software so it would have then altered them for the next instructed recurring events.

As to why, here's my theory;
Years ago the older decoders' clocks were reliant on which channel one was on, clock problems were related to each and any channel itself which all carried that info.
I don't know but if that's still the case note that again we had tuner 1 parked on ch. 180 throughout this incident, so perhaps that channel's data stream is the problem?

There was also some authentication systems fiddling witnessed again earlier this weekend.

Not available to discuss this further, sorry.
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