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Default Tips for using the DStv Forum

Disclaimer and basic idea:

I've posted this in the Installation section as it does involve an installation of sorts, but of methods & shortcuts on our PCs etc. for Forum use in this case.
(EDIT: It's since been decided that this thread best belongs in the General forum section.)

We need to keep in mind that this Forum is business related and belongs to a private company, so more manipulative tricks such as excluding sections from one's searches, or worse still anything invasive, cannot be posted here. In fairness to MC I would feel obliged to immediately report anything of that nature for moderation.
Also consider that the posting of items such as animated gifs in business sections may not be appropriate, although likely more welcome in the more social sections.

These tips are not derived from any official MC information but rather offered by Forumites in the spirit of sharing helpful information.

Enhanced searches

Most of us just click on the "New Posts" button to do our searches. This has some disadvantages - you don't see any recent posts already read that you may want to re-visit or keep an eye on for read-counts etc., and if you've read everything then the list is just empty.
As we've all seen, a link to another type of search is offered when it is empty, and it's the enhanced use of that which I'm offering (it's actually the default search option for visitors).

If you want to make that secondary link a shortcut / favourite, your browser won't show the actual URL needed once triggered so here it is:

For a search of more than the last 24 hours use this method:

Supplying a link to a specific post

There's two ways to do this.

The first is simple but prevents the rest of the thread being visible until a link for that is clicked on - simply right-click on the post number in the top right corner of the post (for example: #4 ) and copy the shortcut to post.
Another possible problem with this is that if an earlier post in the thread concerned is deleted then the link may not work correctly (theory).

The other way is to post this type of link: http://
(Note that there is a space between http:// and the rest of the link example which must be removed.)
xxxxxx is the system's post number (revealed at the base of your browser when hovering your mouse over the normal use post number).
The advantage here is that although the post wanted is shown, the user can still just continue manipulating their view of the thread as normal.

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Using the Spoiler Tag


Posting less than the minimum 10 characters allowed

When I've done this, it's an illusion.
On the line after the small posting I want to make I type up to ten dots ..........
I then make them the lightest grey colour ..........
and then right-justify them so that they appear on the far right of the page where they probably won't be noticed.

Posting pictures directly onto your post *

See Posting pictures on the forum

Viewing your post edit history

See Your posts' edit-history

Posting little pictures or animations within your text *

This requires an IMG type link. The file must be hosted elsewhere. I've tried using gif files, I'm fairly sure jpg and some other file types would work as well.
Example (not real): [url =http:// www][img ]http:/ /www[/ img][/ url]
which in a real example produces this nutcase --->

(Note that I've used a number of spaces in the "link" to make this coding visible - they would all need to be removed for the link to work.)
The parts I've coloured violet are there to allow the animation to be clicked on which would take the the viewer to the source website - I don't think that is allowed so best to remove them.

* - usage / some source websites may be subject to moderation.

I hope others will also add some tips here, and any other older links that can help keep this info together.

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As detailed in the Forum's FAQs useful section on Reading and Posting Messages there is also a very useful BB Code List which can be used to enhance what you post. It is updated when any new features are added (such as the Spoiler tab thanks to @FrostyD's suggestion).
Some of the BB Code options are just a more detailed way of using already accessible functions. Some particularly useful extra features for me are the use of the List function (bullets and other advanced lists), the advanced quote options, various linking options, and the attach option.

Sometimes it takes a bit of a fiddle to get things right, as most regular users will have seen spacing sometimes goes out etc. especially when previewing and then re-editing posts. In some cases this also seems to prevent further editing of BB code like items - the button on the upper right of the posting box that looks something like this: A / A can be used to switch editing modes for better (but more complex) views of your post.

Please note, as per my edit in the above post, not all enhancements are always available due to the business nature of this Forum so your posts may then be subject to moderation. For this reason I always copy any detailed posts to my clipboard / notepad for easy recovery in case another more moderate immediate attempt is needed.
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I just found a Mark Forums Read button that works;

It will take creating your own shortcut / favourites link for easier access.

While looking at a user's profile page I clicked on "User Lists".
It took me to my own "Contacts" list in my User Control Panel.
BUT, it was a different version of the page...

Normal link for that is:

This discovered link is instead:
On this version of the page you have extra control buttons on top, including a "Mark Forums Read" one that works!
However, you *can't shortcut that button itself so make this alternative page your shortcut / favourite instead.

*When using the button itself you get different addresses each time, here's examples of 3 usages in a row (if trying any of them again it results in an error); 39-3a2bd4ce4117c9c3b498d1003d621dd0452acda0 35-cf8bd156b912c1dfc0a10b3516bb5ba0e9e67dfc 04-dff43694e42b519061d061c823a5f2b52e7dcc17

Maybe Admin can examine this and learn from it how to fix the normal "Mark Forums Read" button on the homepage that's never worked.
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Some extended font characters work strangely on the forum, but can be done.

For instance ASCII character 163 which is the sign cannot be entered using the standard "hold the Alt. button" + "0163" which does nothing.
Instead it needs to be copied from a character map on one's computer or created in something like Notepad or Microsoft Word and copied, then it can be pasted.

Also for some reason if using similar but without the leading zero other never before seen by me characters can be created. For instance:
Alt + 161 =
Alt + 162 =
So some experimenting is needed and some fun (and usefulness?) to be had.

(Excuse the change in darkness of font in this post, also a side affect of some unusual activity.)
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