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Old 2018-02-08 , 11:11
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Installed the SLNB. Changed the Tuner settings and the error is gone. Do I still need the heartbeat cable between the expl 1 and 2 or will the SLNB be sufficient?
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Old 2018-02-08 , 11:18
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You would need to insert a diplexer behind the Explora 1 for that HB (Heartbeat) option to work. The 2A model has a built in diplexer.

If in the same room, easy enough to cable link. Just make sure that the RF port used is also so selected in the menus of both Exploras.

And here's the signal values guide (now updated) to check your SLNB installation was done ok;

Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
For your Explora you can get away with the following (ignore tuner 2, it's only accurate during recordings);
Signal Strength around 70%+ on tuner 3, around 80%+ on tuner 1 (and 2).
Signal Quality around 90%+ on all tuners.

You need to check both polarities, so use both of these channels for testing tuner 1 (and 2);

Last edited by Optimist; 2018-02-08 at 12:30. . Reason: Clarity re which tuner(s) need polarity checks, and Horizontal testing channel since changed
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Old 2018-02-10 , 17:05
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Thanks Optimist for your advice about contacting MC as well about Tuner. Not to forget for your contribution Geoff D, most appreciated.

I got it right on past days, Iím just here to thank you guys!

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