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Default Schedule Updates: M-Net, M-Net Binge and M-Net City line-up for February 2018

Schedule Update: M-Net, M-Net Binge and M-Net City line-up for February 2018
(Issue Date: 06 February 2018)


Please see below the M-Net (channel 101), M-Net Binge (channel 900) andM-Net City (channel 115) highlights for February 2018. Go on our website

Please note: This line-up is subject to change

M-Net Schedule Updates
New Information:

- Kevin Can Wait season 2 will now start in March, as additional episodes of 9JKL season 1 have been added to the schedule. This means that that season one of 9JKL will have a total of 16 episodes.

- From Sunday February 18, our Sunday Night Blockbusters will start at 20:30, to accommodate the live voting results of M-Net’s new local reality series Dancing with the Stars SA.

- The World Cinema movie Los Globos has been replaced by the Danish crime thriller Darkland, on Sunday 25 February at 22:55.

M-Net City Schedule Updates
- The sci-fi fantasy series Beyond season 2 will premiere on M-Net City, on Friday 23 February at 19:00. This means that Zoo season 3 will be removed from the schedule to start at a later date.

- Aquarius season 2 ends Thursday 08 February at 23:00.

Saturday Movies
Saturday 10 February
21:00 Fallen 13VL Science Fiction
A dark young adult fantasy drama. After being sent to a mysterious reform school, a young girl finds herself drawn to a fellow student who may not be human.

Saturday 17 February
21:00 Free Fire 18VL Action
SA actor Sharlto Copley stars in this Martin Scorsese produced crime comedy caper, about a meeting between two gangs that escalates into a shootout and a game of survival.

Saturday 24 February
21:00 The Marine 5: Battleground 18 Action
In this action-packed thriller sequel, a former US Marine finds himself caught up in protecting a person of interest from a ruthless biker gang.

Sunday Night Blockbusters

(Note: From Sunday 18 February our Sunday Night Movies will start at 20:30)

Sunday 11 February
20:05 The Mummy 16V Adventure
Tom Cruise messes with forces unknown in this reboot. While trying to steal artefacts in the Middle East, a soldier accidentally awakens an ancient, malevolent princess.

Sunday 18 February
20:30 The Fate of The Furious 13VL Action
Bonds are tested in this high-octane instalment of the Furious franchise. A mysterious woman seduces Dom into a world of terrorism, leading him to betray the family.

Sunday 25 February
20:30 Rough Night 16VSL Comedy
An ensemble cast of starlets embark on quite a weekend away in this wild comedy. Things go terribly wrong for a bachelorette party of girlfriends who hire a male stripper.

World Cinema Movies
(Note: Additional repeat has been added. See it again on Tuesdays at 01:00)

Sunday 11 February
22:30 No Man's Land
This Oscar-winning foreign war drama examines the 1993 conflict between Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the eyes of two soldiers on opposing sides, trapped in no man’s land.

Sunday 18 February
23:20 Here Is Harold
Insanity reigns in this dark Norwegian comedy. After a man’s successful furniture business goes bankrupt because of a conglomerate, he unwisely decides to seek revenge.

Sunday 25 February
22:55 Darkland
A gritty quest for justice ensues in this dark Danish crime thriller. After his brother dies in a gang-related assault, a man decides to take on the criminal underworld.

New, Returning & Series Finales
Tuesday 06 February
22:00 Shameless 08 0012 *Season 8 Ends*
The Emmy winning and Golden Globe nominated exploits of the Gallagher family return for an eighth season of dysfunction, mayhem and complete chaos.

23:10 The Last Ship 04 0010 "Endgame" *Season 4 Ends*
In the season finale of this fast-paced military drama Chandler confronts his enemy, and his personal demons, in a final showdown as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Wednesday 07 February
19:00 APB 01 0012 "Ricochet" *Season 1 Ends*
In the season finale, Gideon is blamed for recent terrorist attacks he and Capt. Conrad attempt to track down the real culprit. Crime drama from the producers of ‘Burn Notice’.

Friday 09 February
23:10 Trial And Error 01 0001 "Pilot" *Season 1 Starts*
In the series premiere of this ridiculous and outrageous comedy, local college poetry professor, Larry Henderson (Oscar-nominee John Lithgow) is accused of the bizarre murder of his wife. From the writer of ‘Friends’.

23:40 Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*
The raucous escapades of outlaw country singer Johnny Paycheck are explored in the series premiere of this animated comedy.

Sunday 11 February
16:00 9JKL 01 0014 “Fridays With Harry” *Additional episodes added to season 1*
After Harry starts working four days a week, Josh suggests he take an acting class on Fridays. Fun family sitcom based loosely on the life of Mark Feuerstein (Royal Pains).

Monday 12 February
21:00 Here, Now 01 0001 *Season 1 Starts*
The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning writer of ‘Six Feet Under’ penned this introspective family dramedy about a multi-racial family consisting of a couple, their three adopted children and one biological child.

23:00 12 Monkeys 03 0010 “Witness” *Season 3 Ends*
In the season finale of this fast-paced thriller, Cole, Railly, and Athan arrive in 1959 at the House of Cedar and Pine where Jones’s forces appear for a confrontation. Based on the acclaimed film.

Tuesday 13 February
19:00 Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 02 0013 "The Ripper Of Riga" *Season 2 Ends*
The team travels to Russia when an American ballerina is kidnapped, and Jack tangles with an ex-KBG agent who escapes from prison. Spin-off of the popular Emmy-nominated crime drama.

20:00 The Brave 01 0013 *Season 1 Ends*
Emmy-nominee Anne Heche stars in this complex crime thriller following an elite undercover military unit who execute missions in some of the most dangerous parts of the world.

22:00 Ten Days In The Valley 01 0005 "Day 5: Back To Ones" *Series Returns from Break*
Bird fights to stay on Lake’s case, as Jane resolves to do anything to get her back - including changing the details of the finale. This gripping thriller follows the abduction of a young girl.

23:00 Chance 02 0001 "Multiaxial System" *Season 2 Starts*
In the season premiere of this compelling psychological thriller Detective Hynes blackmails Chance into using his skills to take down a suspected serial killer. Golden Globe-winner Hugh Laurie stars.

Wednesday 14 February
19:00 The Big Bang Theory 11 0001 "The Proposal Proposal" *Season 11 Starts*
In the eleventh season premiere of the acclaimed comedy, Amy gives Sheldon (Golden Globe winner Jim Parsons) an answer to his proposal, as Howard and Bernadette struggle with some unexpected news.

19:30 Young Sheldon 01 0001 "Pilot" *Season 1 Starts*
The series premiere of this family comedy opens with a 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper starting high school, where his high intelligence isn’t met with much enthusiasm. Based on the character from ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

21:00 Better Call Saul 03 0010 "Lantern" *Season 3 Ends*
In the season finale, Kim takes time off while Jimmy tries to make amends and Nacho gambles with his future. Critically acclaimed crime drama from the writer of ‘Breaking Bad’.

Saturday 17 February
16:30 The Goldbergs 05 0011 "The Goldberg Girls" *Season 5 goes on a broadcast break*
Based on the real-life travails of a young Adam F. Goldberg, this comedy series follows the family drama of a reluctantly close-knit clan.

20:00 Valor 01 0013 "Cost Of War" *Season 1 Ends*
The boundaries between military discipline and human desire are tested in this fast-paced army drama, following an elite unit of helicopter pilots.

Sunday 18 February
20:00 Dancing With The Stars SA Results Show
Catch live voting results of M-Net’s new reality competition series Dancing With The Stars SA.

Monday 19 February
23:00 American Horror Story 07 0001 "Election Night" *Season 7 Starts*
The seventh season of the critically acclaimed horror anthology premieres with election night 2016, where Donald Trump wins the Presidency of the United States. From Emmy-winner Ryan Murphy.

Tuesday 20 February
19:00 Chicago Fire 06 0001 "It Wasn't Enough" *Season 6 Starts*
In the intense season premiere, Chief Boden makes a risky last minute decision to save the squad, who are trapped inside a burning building. Sixth season of the fast-paced crime drama.

20:00 Chicago PD 05 0001 "Reform" *Season 5 Starts*
In the season premiere of this fast-paced instalment to the ‘Chicago’ series, the team attempts to bust a gun deal that quickly turns dicey when innocent civilians get involved. From Emmy-winner **** Wolf.

Wednesday 21 February
21:00 Homeland 07 0001 "Enemy Of The State" *Season 7 Starts*
Emmy-winner Claire Danes returns for another season of Golden Globe-winning espionage in this acclaimed thriller exploring contemporary themes of American politics.

Friday 23 February
22:00 Nightcap 01 0010 "Guest In A Snake" *Season 1 Ends*
Staci interviews for an Executive Producer position at Wendy Williams and seriously considers leaving Nightcap, in the season finale of this workplace comedy.

22:30 Graves 01 0010 "Not Giants, But Windmills" *Season 1 Ends*
In the season finale of this Golden Globe nominated comedy, Graves and Isaiah try to quell rumours about Margaret’s relationship with Jonathan Dalton, as she prepares to announce her candidacy.

Saturday 24 February
16:30 Speechless 02 0001 "W-E--Were B-A--Back!" *Season 2 Starts*
In the season premiere of this irreverent family comedy, Maya, Jimmy and Dylan resolve to change their lives while JJ enjoys summer camp. From the producer of ‘Friends’.'

17:30 Great News 02 0013 *Season 3 Ends*
The Emmy-winning writer of ’30 Rock’ penned this smart workplace comedy. An ambitious news producer’s work life is turned upside down when her overly involved mother decides to intern at her show.

20:00 Riverdale 02 0001 "Chapter Fourteen: "A Kiss Before Dying" *Season 2 Starts*
The season premiere of the subversive teen drama opens with Fred’s life hanging in the balance, following the shooting at Pop’s diner. Loosely based on the popular comic book characters.

Sunday 25 February
22:15 Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 05 0001 *Season 5 Starts*
Late night satirist John Oliver delivers his unique take on the week’s news, politics and current events with characteristic, unwavering humour.

Monday 26 February
00:00 The Late Late Show With James Corden 04 0059 *Season 4 returns from production break*
Late night satirist John Oliver delivers his unique take on the week’s news, politics and current events with characteristic, unwavering humour.

Tuesday 27 February
21:00 Mosaic 01 0006 *Season 1 Ends*
Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh produces and directs this innovative drama where the audience determines the plot.

M-Net Binge 900

Saturday 10 February
21:30 Famous In Love 01 0001 "Pilot" 16SL
22:15 Famous In Love 01 0002 "A Star Is Torn" 16L
23:01 Famous In Love 01 0003 "Not So Easy A" 16L
23:47 Famous In Love 01 0004 "Prelude To A Diss" 16
00:30 Famous In Love 01 0005 "Some Like It Not" 16S

Sunday 11 February
21:30 Famous In Love 01 0006 "Found In Translation" 16L
22:15 Famous In Love 01 0007 "Secrets & Pies" 16S
23:00 Famous In Love 01 0008 "Crazy Scripted Love" 16L
23:46 Famous In Love 01 0009 "Fifty Shades Of Red" 16S
00:33 Famous In Love 01 0010 "Leaving Los Angeles" 16SL

Saturday 17 February
21:30 Imposters 01 0001 #101 "My So-Called Wife" 16VSL
22:19 Imposters 01 0002 #102 "My Balls, ********" 16VSL
23:06 Imposters 01 0003 #103 "We Wanted Every Lie" 16VSL
23:52 Imposters 01 0004 #104 "Cohen, Lenny Cohen" 16VSL
00:38 Imposters 01 0005 #105 "Is A Shark Good Or Bad?" 16VSL

Sunday 18 February
21:30 Imposters 01 0006 #106 "The Maddie Code" 16VL
22:16 Imposters 01 0007 #107 "Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower" 16SL
23:01 Imposters 01 0008 #108 "In The Game" 16VSL
23:47 Imposters 01 0009 #109 "Ladies And Gentlemen, The Doctor Is In" 16VSL
00:33 Imposters 01 0010 #110 "Always Forward, Never Back" 16L

Saturday 24 February
21:30 The Bold Type 01 0001 "Pilot" 16SL
22:19 The Bold Type 01 0002 "O Hell No" 16SL
23:05 The Bold Type 01 0003 "The Woman Behind The Clothes" 16SL
23:51 The Bold Type 01 0004 "If You Can't Do It With Feeling" 16S
00:37 The Bold Type 01 0005 "No Feminism In The Champagne Room" 16

Sunday 25 February
21:30 The Bold Type 01 0006 "The Breast Issue" 16
22:16 The Bold Type 01 0007 "Three Girls In A Tub" 16S
23:02 The Bold Type 01 0008 "The End Of The Beginning" 16
23:48 The Bold Type 01 0009 "Before Tequila Sunrise" 16S
00:32 The Bold Type 01 0010 "Carry The Weight" 16

M-Net City channel 115
M-Net City Movies
Friday 09 February
21:00 Big Game PG13VL Action
Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction) stars in this action adventure. After the president is betrayed a teenage boy becomes the president’s only hope.

Friday 16 February
21:00 Red 2 13V Action
Looking for a high-octane film filled with danger, romance and revenge? Then join an all-star cast playing a group of retired Black Ops CIA agents on a deadly mission.

Friday 23 February
21:00 Sicario 16VNL Action
The secret war on drugs takes centre stage in this action fueled crime drama. An FBI agent (Emily Blunt) works with a task team that crosses the moral line to fight the cartels.

New, Returning & Series Finales

Tuesday 06 February
21:00 The Blacklist 04 0022 "Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion" *Season 4 Ends*
Red (Golden Globe-nominee James Spader) enlists a powerful fixer to undermine the government’s case against the Task Force. Season finale of the critically acclaimed crime thriller.

Wednesday 07 February
22:10 Eyewitness 01 0010 "Mother's Day" *Season 1 Ends*
Reeling from her discovery about the killer’s identity, Helen races to find Philip and Lukas when they go missing in the series finale. Crime thriller from the producer of ‘Shades of Blue’.

Thursday 08 February
21:00 Jury Speaks 01 0001 "O.J. Simpson" *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*
The jurors on the O.J. Simpson case recount their experience of America’s most controversial verdict. This insightful true crime series re-examines infamous criminal trials.

23:00 Aquarius 02 0013 "I Will" *Season 2 Ends*
In the series finale of this chilling crime thriller, Hodiak tracks down his target, with neither the responsibilities nor protections of a police officer. Based on the true story of an infamous serial killer.

Sunday 11 February
22:00 I'm Dying Up Here 01 0001 "Pilot" *Season 1 Starts as two back-to-back episodes*Aired on M-Net
Executive produced by Jim Carrey the series premiere of this dramedy opens in 1970s L.A., where a group of up-and-coming comedians struggle to make it big on the Sunset Strip.

23:00 I'm Dying Up Here 01 0002 "Midnight Special"
When Goldie taps Bill for an industry showcase at the club, he lands a coveted spot on 'Midnight Special’. Set in the 70s, this dramedy explores the lives of a group of up-and-coming comedians in L.A.

Tuesday 13 February
21:00 Wanted 02 0001 "Lost In Translation" *Season 1 Starts*Aired on M-Net*
In the season two premiere of this crime drama, Lola and Chelsea go to extreme lengths to get to Bangkok to save Lola’s kidnapped son. Follows the story of two women on-the-run.

Wednesday 14 February
22:10 From Dusk Till Dawn 03 0001 "Head Games" *Season 3 Starts*Aired on M-Net*
In the season premiere of this supernatural drama, Seth and Richie’s organisation is infiltrated by a mysterious new enemy. Based on the Quentin Tarantino film of the same name.

Friday 16 February
19:00 Marvel's Inhumans 01 0008 "...And Finally: Black Bolt" *Season 1 Ends*
In the season finale of the fantasy drama, brother fights brother as the final showdown between Black Bolt and Maximus takes an unexpected turn. From the studio that bought you ‘The Avengers’.

Monday 19 February
20:00 Major Crimes 06 0013 "By Any Means: Part 4" *Season 6 Ends*
Academy Award nominee Mary McDonnell stars as Capt. Raydor, head of the all-important LAPD Major Crimes Unit in this spin-off of The Closer.

22:00 Manhattan 02 "Jupiter" *Season 2 Ends*
In the series finale, a new era is ushered in with the first test of an atomic weapon. Based on the real-life project, this drama follows the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

Friday 23 February
19:00 Beyond 02 0001 "Two Zero One" *Season 2 premieres on M-Net City*
In the season premiere of this fantasy drama, Holden throws himself into his new “normal" life, with his mission in the Realm seemingly behind him. Sci-fi following a young man with astrophysical abilities.

Monday 26 February
18:00 Hawaii Five-0 07 0025 "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka ‘Aina I Ka Pono” *Season 7 Ends*
Five-0 attempts their most dangerous mission yet: rescuing young girls trapped in a sex trafficking ring. Golden Globe-nominated drama.

19:00 Chicago Justice 01 0013 "Tycoon" *Season 1 Ends*
After a crane collapses and kills the son-in-law of wealthy real estate developer, Nagel, Antonio and Chief Boden discover that the collapse wasn't an accident. A legal spin-off of the ‘Chicago’ series.

20:00 Criminal Minds 13 0001 "Wheels Up" *Season 13 Starts*Aired on M-Net*
In the season premiere of this acclaimed crime drama, Agent Matt Simmons joins the BAU team in a race to take down Mr Scratch. Follows an elite team of Special Agents.

21:00 Shades Of Blue 02 0013 "Broken Dolls" *Season 2 Ends*
In the dramatic season finale Wozniak (Golden Globe-nominee Ray Liotta) faces the ally who betrayed him and makes his most difficult choice yet. A web of corruption unfolds in this popular crime drama.

22:00 The Last Kingdom 02 0001 *Season 2 Starts*Aired on M-Net*
The second season premiere of this 9th century drama sees Uhtred the fearless and instinctive warrior, begin his voyage north to avenge Earl Ragnar’s death. Based on the best-selling novels.

Tuesday 27 February
18:00 NCIS: New Orleans 03 0001 "Aftershocks" *Season 3 Starts*
The NCIS team partners with several federal agencies to track a sniper, who targets crowded events in the city, in the season premiere of this acclaimed cop drama.
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Saturday 17 February
16:30 The Goldbergs 05 0011 "The Goldberg Girls" *Season 5 goes on a broadcast break*
Based on the real-life travails of a young Adam F. Goldberg, this comedy series follows the family drama of a reluctantly close-knit clan.
Why is this series being put on a break? It is replaced by Speechless next Saturday. It did have a 1-month break in the US but they are already on episode 13 and are resuming with episode 14 in 10 days.

And will we be seeing "The Goldbergs: 1990-Something" - a special spin-off episode that aired in the US on 24 Jan after episode 13? It is not officially part of season 5.
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