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Old 2011-02-21 , 16:00
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Default Cricket World Cup HD


Is there something wrong with my tv , as the HD feed seems funny , out of focus or lagging the picture .
Old 2011-02-25 , 10:19
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Default Afrikaans sound

Good day,
Had the same question on picture quality until I went and check the picture quality on SABC and even normal Supersport - must say that the HD picture is not to bad compare to them.

My BIG PROBLEM is what happened to the Afrikaans cometary audio in yesterdays S.A. game. No sound from the stadium and had to swith to the English broadcasters in the end. Its a live game and one wants to hear the crowd or at least the ball hitting the bat!!!

Any way we can get Afrikaans cometary for all game like in the old days?

I think we pay more than enough for DSTV to send local cometary s to all the world cup games!!!

MC Clinton please respond!!!

Old 2011-02-25 , 13:11
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SuperSport apologises for the loss of Afrikaans commentary yesterday. This problem has been rectified and henceforth all Proteas game will have dual commentary.
Old 2011-02-26 , 15:46
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What about the lagging pictures - especially on movement - almost like a smearing effect - and NO it is NOT my set's response time - it does not happen on other channels - only on HD sport....
Old 2011-03-06 , 09:37
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Is it just me (Do I need an eye test ) , or is there something wrong with the HD quality from India ? , out of focus , and ghost like picture .
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