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Old 2018-02-02 , 11:26
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Default Poor synopsis (more recent attempt)

Just one further example of why sticking to the source synopses is best, even with the latest improved home-grown versions.

Then I'll leave the M-Group alone, we only criticise 'cos we like what they do (or are supposed to do...)

Note that the synopsis below and discussion that follows is a SPOILER.

I've seen the movie, and while it was on Box Office it didn't have this kind of detail included.

Table 19 - spoiler synopsis.jpg

The fact that the guest was the maid of honour etc. is only revealed quite far into the movie, you are spoiling it.
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Old 2018-02-02 , 11:33
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Unfortunately, did as bad as you this time... but here's a good alternative example from elsewhere online;

"Table 19" is a movie for everyone who has ever felt deeply uncomfortable at another person's wedding reception. That might not sound like a ringing endorsement—in fact it would make one of the least appetizing DVD box quotes of all time—but there is such a thing as a under-served market, and this movie serves it. Maybe too well, as we'll see.

The title refers to the number of a table at a wedding reception. It's far away from the bride's and groom's family tables. In fact it's about as far back as you can get and not be out on the street. It takes a while for everyone at the table to figure out the common element that resulted in all of them being placed at this particular table. Suffice to say that they all have a problematic relationship with somebody in the wedding party, and that's how they ended up seated in a corner near a restroom.
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Old 2018-02-06 , 10:24
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Thanks for reporting, we'll ask the M-Net team to take a look at it.
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