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Hi Greg, I wouldn't hold my breath over 4K HDR over the air transmissions for several reasons. (And remember 4K and UHD are different formats. 4K being slightly wider that UHD)
The first is that a UHD signal is basically 4 x HD streams stitched together in a 4 x 4 quadrant image. This requires nearly 4 time the amount of bandwidth of a traditional HD signal (depending on the compression used) This would require Supersport reinvesting a significant amount in it's internal data handling infrastructure.
Secondly, HDR uses a secondary layer of metadata to constantly refresh the image on a frame by frame nature to update the image on a dynamic basis. In other words, HDR requires an additional layer of data embedded into the video signal telling the set-top box or TV how to decode the image correctly.
Thirdly, and finally, the processing of HDR data is usually the responsibility of the TV display to interpret. Even if you have an UHD TV, it doesn't mean it can process the HDR data, just simply display a UHD SDR colour image.
There are several views as to what the next generation of TV might entail. One is the belief that HD SDR at higher frame rates would be the option, another is existing HD with HDR would be more viable as it only require a tiny increase in bandwidth to accommodate the additional data.
Just as an aside, I was part of the team of systems integrators behind the 2010 Beijing Olympics HD project. If I remember correctly, the original idea was to go for 720p HD ( a format primarily developed by Panasonic as it was the best way of pushing HD images through an ATM data network, not the banking system) It was decided rather late in the process to adopt 1080i . Ironically, it wasn't the video standard change that caused the most nightmares, but the issues of trying to keep the Dolby audio to stay in sync with the pictures. I don't think an of us what to go through that again in a hurry.
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