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Old 2017-12-28 , 21:29
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Unhappy Recording Disasters

Last month we upgraded to compact. Most of the shows we are recording is off M-Net City 115. It is an absolute disaster. Shows are not being recorded properly even after numerous attempts by the Explora the episodes can not be recorded properly.

For example:

A) Taken is constantly being recorded with errors. There hasn't been one episode recorded properly. The timer will show the correct recording time for Taken, but will suddenly skip to the next show, we have had it happen after a minute and tonight episode 6 about half way through. The clock is still showing the correct amount of time left for the show. I had to swap between two recordings to watch the show in full. There are other minor recording errors being done where you can lose a second or a minute or two.

B) Salvation has just started but it looks like it is going to follow the same pattern. I cancelled one recording because I could see that even though it was supposed to be recording the timer had stopped moving at 37 minutes.

C) MacGyver first two episodes have recorded fine but now 3 & 4 are now on the 3rd & 2nd attempt.

The Explora is also keeping all these failed recordings.

Shows that I have recorded off of Universal 117 has been fine, along with BBC 120, National Geographic 181, E Extra 195 & Riverdale off of Vusu.

Could somebody please look into this as we never know if we have a watchable episodes of the shows. & it is putting a lot of extra wear & tear on the Explora.
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Old 2017-12-28 , 23:22
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This won't be Broadcast Errors related, possibly a config error on MC's side with your account's upgrade but I largely suspect it's a technical issue on your side. Here's why I think so, but I won't be assisting further.

115 HD is a Horizontally polarised channel.

Originally Posted by Fourtuner View Post
Shows that I have recorded off of Universal 117 has been fine, along with BBC 120, National Geographic 181, E Extra 195 & Riverdale off of Vusu.
All of those are Vertically polarised.

This suggests at least a LNB skew angle misalignment.

Is you Explora new as well? Exploras are more sensitive to alignments.
To check your signals, go to Help \ General Information \ Tuner Status.
You can check tuner 2 while you are recording (also note that tuner 1 is for live watching, tuner 3 for Catch Up & Box Office), compare channels 115 to 195.
Signal Strength should be around 80%+ , Signal Quality around 90%+.
Try see if rain is having an effect as well, check especially a couple of days after it's been dry.

If faulty and you want to try DIY the re-alignment then send a Private Message (PM) to Geoff D, he should be around in the next few days.
All the best with it :-)

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Old 2017-12-29 , 17:44
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I've had the Explora about 3 years now. Of course one would get the odd recording issue but never this badly.

I checked 115,136 & 135 this afternoon and I got similar results on all 3, live view or recording. The signal strength is very high, in the 90s sometimes even a 100% but the signal quality is very low. The figure wasn't stable & The highest I saw it was about 45%. We did have rain last night, so I'll check for a couple of days & see if it improves. What I now need to know now, is what would be causing this? & Is this a job for an for the installer to fix?
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Old 2017-12-29 , 19:11
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My guess is that either the dish has moved or the lnb has - if you are not technically inclined (just like I am not ) an installer is probably the best option.

Quality in the 40's is way too low - it needs to be at least double that.
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