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Old 2017-12-23 , 09:40
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It was a terrible storm here! Possibly the worst I've ever witnessed, with strong horizontal rain & hail that looked like a hurricane and shredded much of our garden's greenery. Fortunately short lived.

Strangest thing, these signals weren't that much affected Possibly due to it being delivered from the direction behind the dish.
A few minutes later we lost all signals for many minutes, but I don't think it was in Randburg to our West as the storm was moving East as Sandtonman says, so looks like it ended up blinding our line-of-sight at some distance from us.
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Old 2017-12-23 , 13:19
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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
It was a terrible storm here! ......... but I don't think it was in Randburg to our West as the storm was moving East as Sandtonman says...........
Hi Optimist,
Yes It looked horrendous to the immediate South of us, at time of posting. I recognised the hail in the clouds from previous bad experiences.

We had a few rumbles of thunder and about 12 drops of rain; then the whole massive storm moved off the the East. So both Sandton and Randburg escaped for a change!

Cheers, K.
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