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Old 2014-05-05 , 21:46
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Default explora +hd pvr 2p loosing heartbeat

Hello everyone,
I need some help here.
I bought an explora decoder 2 weeks ago. Took it to dstv service centre to have it set as my primary decoder and the hd pvr 2 P as the secondary.
Went back home and did all the connections using the multi switch 5-1 .
Everything worked well for 2 days. After those 2 days, I started getting E143-4 (waiting for communication from primary decoder)
Checked my settings on the decoders: RF in on explora and RF out on hd pvr 2P
Rebooted both decoders .Got the secondary decoder working again but this time for 2 hours only....
Changed the heartbeat cable with a brand new coaxial RG6-75Ohm...
Despite the new cable, I'm still unable to have normal extra viewing in my bedroom for more than 2 hours or 3 hours.
All the decoders are on a ''open space'' , not exposed to direct sunlight
Please help
Thank you
Old 2014-05-06 , 15:49
Geoff D Geoff D is offline
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Only way to get this sorted oiut is to verify that your service has been set up correctly. A call to the XV call centre should be your first port of call.

Doubt that the problem is hardware related.
Spare decoders: SD PVR(3) PSU's, DSD 660, 1110, 1131, Explora 1.
Spare switches and LNBs: 1 x 5-1(repaired); 1 x 5-2.Numerous so called faulty LNBs that were easily repaired.
2 unmentionable FTA decoders
1.2m antenna, 8-way universal LNB, 2 x (2x6) MS, FSM permanently connected.
Old 2014-05-06 , 18:01
legrandroumi legrandroumi is offline
Still listens to the wireless
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Dear Geoff D,
Thank you for your reply. forgot to mention that I did take both decoders to dstv service centre to get them checked. they told me that everything was in order and advised me to have my installation rechecked.
My installation was reassessed by an accredited Dstv installer. The installer didn't find any problem on my installation.
Still my extra view doesn't work for more than 3 hours...

very frustrating
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