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Old 2010-01-26 , 09:44
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Unhappy Annoying time differences when watching recordings

I've noticed that on a couple of my recordings the time recorded displayed in the playlist menu is wrong?

For instance the movie Body of Lies is 137min long, yet the display in the playlist showed only 50min was recorded, and showing the yellow triangle with the exclamation next to it indicating a problem. Yet when I started the recording, the i-Plate again showed 50min with the yellow triangle, but the time indicator in the top right corner displayed there was 02:14:00min available viewing time, and the progress bar had the correct time and markers displayed. I watched the whole movie beginning to end, no picture or audio breakups at any stage, but the playlist and i-plate tells me only 50min was recorded?

This problem has caused me to delete quite a few of my recordings previously as it showed incomplete recordings, only now after some investigation it seems that these shows was recorded correct to begin with, but showing wrong recording times with yellow triangle errors in the playlist menu. I've missed quite a lot of shows because of this

What's going on here MC? Has anybody else also noticed this error?
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